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Netherlands, Vogelwerf, April 2007
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 20 2007 15:09 GMT hans55 PRO
mooi in het licht !!
Apr 20 2007 15:11 GMT Hamin PRO
The "cock o the walk." Head Rooster ! Perfectly photographed - a 10!
Apr 20 2007 15:12 GMT LizSA
I like the chicken entries.....
You sureley had a wonderful couple of days....first the keukenhof....
and the """die VoŽlpark...""" Vogel is voŽl in afrikaans....
Apr 20 2007 15:12 GMT Ini
Zo dit is nog eens een Haan prachtig ..:-)
Apr 20 2007 15:38 GMT SIGMUND
Beautiful color has this hen, this posing for the picture
Apr 20 2007 15:40 GMT SimonH
That's a beautiful picture of a bonny hen. She looks as if she really feels well.
Apr 20 2007 16:06 GMT Snappa
Great shot!
Apr 20 2007 16:08 GMT faenzu
Cute chicken..very well done!!
Apr 20 2007 16:45 GMT Denham
Nice shot. Did you notuce you captured the chivhen with it's eye closed.? Great capture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apr 20 2007 17:24 GMT senna3
Dank je Hans. Heb jij ook problemen met het uploaden van foto's? Bij mij lukt het niet meer.
Apr 20 2007 17:24 GMT senna3
Thank you Hamin.
Apr 20 2007 17:27 GMT senna3
Thank you Liz for your comment.
Btw, Vogelwerf is not a park, but a tiny village at the river Linge near Leerdam. I shot these chickens in a private garden along a bicycle lane.
Apr 20 2007 17:32 GMT senna3
Een mooi "wollig" beest Ini!
Apr 20 2007 18:17 GMT hallo
Wonderful catch
Apr 20 2007 18:18 GMT VandA
Its a broody hen!
Apr 20 2007 18:42 GMT hans55 PRO
vanmorgen geen probleem met uploaden senna !
Apr 20 2007 18:45 GMT senna3
Hans ik zag dat niemand meer kan uploaden (New Photos wordt verandert niet meer). Ik ontvang ook geen email alerts meer. Kennelijk weer hetzelfde probleem als enkele weken geleden!
Apr 20 2007 19:03 GMT hans55 PRO
ik zie het ook nu .... maar de eerste komen weer ..misschien nog eens proberen ??
Apr 20 2007 19:58 GMT irashid
Lovely shot
Apr 20 2007 23:22 GMT Milibuh
Bellissima !!!!!!!!!
Elegant hen...beautiful model :))
Apr 21 2007 00:56 GMT Poulet PRO
Beautiful and elegant!
Have a beautiful weekend, Senna3. :))
Apr 21 2007 06:09 GMT kella
molto bella, elegante e morbida gallina! :-))
Apr 21 2007 08:51 GMT Florine
A beauty. When I see your photos I love chickens. They seem so beautiful :)
Apr 21 2007 17:11 GMT Elly
Een prachtige pluizebol!
Apr 21 2007 18:07 GMT LizSA
Senna.. i cannot upload...have been trying to upload birthday card for
Genese...since yesterday....cannot upload at all....it is her birthday today...
!!!! thankyou....these people have love little chicks ...so cute..!!
Apr 22 2007 04:01 GMT LisaSam67
Very nicely composed! Excellent coloring too!
Apr 22 2007 21:33 GMT 32131
Good! :)
Apr 23 2007 05:35 GMT senna3
Thank you Hallo.
Apr 23 2007 05:40 GMT senna3
Thank you very much for your comments SIGMUND, 32131, Lisa, Elly, Florine, Kella, Poulet, Milibuh, Irashid, IrishPics, VandeA, Denham, Faenzu, Snappa and Simon!
Apr 23 2007 05:46 GMT senna3
Thank you Liz for your comment.
Yes the whole weekend almost nobody could upload pictures. But it seems to be fixed now!
Apr 23 2007 09:17 GMT dreamowl
have a good holidays...i hope to see beautiful photo....
Apr 23 2007 09:21 GMT Jakeobean
Senna...this is a great photograph of the hen...it reminds me of my youth when I my chores included gathering the eggs in the morning....not all the hens were this calm.......
Apr 23 2007 10:17 GMT senna3
Thank you Dreamowl.
Apr 23 2007 10:20 GMT senna3
Thank you Jake for your nice comment!