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Umayyad Mosque
Syria, Damascus, Oct. 2001
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 09 2006 18:20 GMT derwokann
Wow, nice shot
Dec 09 2006 19:32 GMT gmastro
very good capture!
Dec 10 2006 00:21 GMT Midworlder PRO
superb .. the ground is it polished tile or wet ?
Dec 10 2006 07:42 GMT senna3
Thank you Derwokan.
Dec 10 2006 08:09 GMT senna3
Thank you Gmastro.
Dec 10 2006 08:21 GMT senna3
Thank you Roger. The flour, both inside and outside the Mosque, are beautiful marble. But inside it is covered with Persian carpets. I wil show a picture of it.
Dec 10 2006 08:55 GMT soldier
Wonderful and excelent pic!!!
Dec 10 2006 10:09 GMT senna3
Thank you Soldier.
Dec 11 2006 12:59 GMT Maurabia
Petern you traveled all around the planet, good to share all these views !
Dec 11 2006 13:00 GMT Maurabia
it is owerflew, or ?
Dec 11 2006 14:23 GMT senna3
Thanks Lydia. At the time we were a bit reluctant to travel to Syria so shortly after 9/11. But it was a visit to my brother who worked for Shell in Damascus and they would have been very disappointed when we had cancelled the visit. It turned out that there was a big advantage to visit Syria at that time, there were almost no tourists!
Dec 11 2006 14:41 GMT senna3
Lydia, do you mean that the square is overflooded? No the square consists of polished marble and is like a gigantic mirror!
Dec 11 2006 15:09 GMT Maurabia
yes, i prefer that although I've heard that in Venice, with the rain, its like a footbath ! thanks Peter !
May 22 2009 13:01 GMT verarenm
It's very beautiful!
May 22 2009 17:24 GMT senna3
Thank you RJH.
May 22 2009 17:24 GMT senna3
Thank you Vera.
May 26 2009 10:45 GMT hallo