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View of the Monastery of Thecla: http://www.sacred-destinations.com/syria/maalula.htm
Syria, Maalula, May 2009

Maalula (Maaloula or Ma'loula) is a small village, high in the mountains, which is a center of Christianity in Syria. The Aramaic language (language of Jesus) is still spoken here.
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 19 2010 11:01 GMT mariazinha32
Wonderful series!!!!
Jan 19 2010 11:08 GMT clintonfolks
great series.!!!
Jan 19 2010 13:13 GMT ashdad PRO
Amazing old architecture!
Jan 19 2010 13:33 GMT senna3
Thank you Mafalda.
Jan 19 2010 13:33 GMT senna3
Thank you Dave.
Jan 19 2010 13:33 GMT senna3
Thank you Ashdad.
Jan 19 2010 13:54 GMT marioalbertina
Beautiful click !
Interesting notice !
Senna3, the Syrian church is the Maronite one ?
Jan 19 2010 14:27 GMT senna3
Mario, I found the following information on the Maronite Church:

Maronites are members of one of the Lebanese or Syriac Eastern Catholic Churches, with a heritage reaching back to Maron, the Syriac Monk in the early 5th century. The first Maronite Patriarch, John Maron, was elected in the late 7th century. Although reduced in numbers today, Maronites remain one of the principal ethno-religious groups in Lebanon and they continue to represent the absolute majority of Lebanese people when the Lebanese diaspora is included. Unique amongst Eastern Catholics, the Maronites are Eastern Christians who have always remained in communion with the Bishop of Rome.
Before the conquest by Arabian Muslims reached Lebanon, both those Lebanese people who would become Muslim and the majority who would remain Christian spoke a dialect of Aramaic. Syriac (Christian Aramaic) still remains the liturgical language of the Maronite Church.
Jan 19 2010 14:36 GMT Lalbabu
Jan 19 2010 14:50 GMT rock
WOW!!! greatest pic, dear Peter!
Jan 19 2010 15:54 GMT Midworlder PRO
Spectacular view down
Jan 19 2010 17:01 GMT marioalbertina
Thank you very much, Senna3 ! :)
Jan 19 2010 17:25 GMT pp11364
Great shot.
Jan 19 2010 17:56 GMT derkz
Beatiful and intersting view of this old monastry.

Did you go inside? I had a look on the pictures of the link you exposed. It realy fantastic.
Jan 19 2010 18:15 GMT Milibuh
Great place !!!
Jan 19 2010 19:09 GMT charlie26
Very interesting series P. Great work.
Jan 19 2010 20:03 GMT MargNZ
Amazing and beautiful capture Peter ... thank you for the history and the link :))
Jan 19 2010 22:03 GMT verarenm
What all this wealth the survival of the language! Did you hear prayers or passages from books?
Jan 19 2010 22:35 GMT Cooler PRO
Beautiful image and place ;-)))
Jan 20 2010 01:33 GMT martini957
Jan 20 2010 11:13 GMT hishamon
just wonderfull!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 20 2010 14:16 GMT h43
Absolutely wonderful and once again to think that it is still being used is amazing. I feel as if there aren't enough adjectives to describe these areas.
Jan 20 2010 14:30 GMT senna3
Thank you Lalbabu.
Jan 20 2010 14:31 GMT senna3
Thank you Rock.
Jan 20 2010 14:31 GMT senna3
Thank you Roger.
Jan 20 2010 14:32 GMT senna3
Thank you Tatyana.
Jan 20 2010 14:34 GMT senna3
Thank you Derkz.
We did enter the monastery. I will post a few photos!
Jan 20 2010 14:34 GMT senna3
Thank you Nora.
Jan 20 2010 14:38 GMT senna3
Thank you Jacqueline.
Jan 20 2010 14:41 GMT senna3
Thank you Margaret.
Jan 20 2010 14:44 GMT senna3
There was no service when we visited Vera.
Jan 20 2010 14:44 GMT senna3
Thank you Brynjar.
Jan 20 2010 14:49 GMT senna3
Thank you Nancy.
Jan 20 2010 14:50 GMT senna3
Thank you Hishamon.
Jan 20 2010 14:50 GMT senna3
It was very impressive indeed Heather!
Jan 20 2010 18:36 GMT elsje323
very interesting serie
Jan 21 2010 08:07 GMT senna3
Thank you Elsje.