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My contribution to Proverbmonday 29 January 2007 is a photo of a small part (1/25) of the famous Pieter Bruegel painting "The Dutch Proverbs". The complete painting pictures over 120 proverbs and sayings, and was shown last week ( http://www.fotothing.com/senna3/photo/34b4c53a96afe870d7007b97d510f76c/start=37 ).
In the above picture one may recognize for example:

”De een scheert de schapen, de ander de varkens” = “One shears sheep, the other pigs” meaning that prosperity is unevenly divided among people,
“Men moet de schapen scheren naargelang ze wol hebben” = “You should shear your sheeps but not skin them” meaning that one should not be too greedy.
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 28 2007 15:54 GMT backstreets PRO
A lovely contribuition indeed !!!
Jan 28 2007 17:25 GMT Squirrel PRO
Great painting and proverbs............
Jan 28 2007 18:51 GMT Riet
That's wonderful, senna! With 120 proverbs and sayings you have a lot of choice!
Jan 28 2007 19:42 GMT jomoud PRO
very original idea
well done
Jan 28 2007 19:43 GMT LizSA
Wow...Senna...this is one really wonderful entry....!!
it is so true of the olden days.....well today it happens ...!!!
Pieter Bruegel......I saluut you...!!!!
Jan 28 2007 20:01 GMT senna3
Thank you Backstreets.
Jan 28 2007 20:02 GMT senna3
Thank you Squirrel.
Jan 28 2007 20:10 GMT senna3
He certainly was Justju. He is also called the "New Hieronymous Bosch"!
Jan 28 2007 20:15 GMT senna3
Yes Riet, but the problem is to find fragment with a clearly pictured proverb. The painting is really overcrowded with sayings and proverbs.
Jan 28 2007 20:25 GMT senna3
Thank you Liz. Yes Pieter Bruegel was a master in picturing daily life activities!
Jan 28 2007 20:25 GMT senna3
Thank you Jomoud.
Jan 28 2007 22:21 GMT Macfudge
Very interesting and nice.
Jan 28 2007 22:54 GMT sini
Great illustration with the proverb!
Jan 28 2007 23:29 GMT schwc125
Thank you for this nice little lesson in proverbs and art!
Jan 29 2007 00:19 GMT Seamus
Wonderful proverb and illustration senna3
Jan 29 2007 03:06 GMT jceca PRO
this is something very unique, for sure ....
wonderful entry !!!
Jan 29 2007 06:58 GMT senna3
Thank you Hans!
Jan 29 2007 06:59 GMT senna3
Thank you Sini!
Jan 29 2007 07:05 GMT senna3
You are welcome Schw125 and thank you for the visit!
Jan 29 2007 07:06 GMT senna3
Thank you Seamus!
Jan 29 2007 07:10 GMT senna3
Thank you so much Jceca.
Jan 29 2007 18:30 GMT litz
i will follow your 120 proverbs on whole picture as much as possible!
Fantastic senna3!!
Jan 29 2007 20:18 GMT senna3
Thank you so much Litz.
Jan 31 2007 23:08 GMT EuCarlosFilipe
I love Brughel....So good to have him here :_)))
Feb 01 2007 16:40 GMT senna3
Thank you EuCarlosFilipe. The Dutch proverb painting of Bruegel is fantastic, so much different aspects of life in one painting!
I also want to thank you for all your other kind comments on my pictures. Your visits are highly appreciated.