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Typical farm architecture for the province of North-Holland
Netherlands, Tersluis (near Enkhuizen), May 2007
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 09 2008 10:26 GMT abojovna PRO
Beautiful composed! Nice roofs!
Apr 09 2008 10:32 GMT teddybear2
very unusal roofs
Apr 09 2008 10:44 GMT Tom33
modern pyramids with consideration of adding light
Apr 09 2008 11:30 GMT linnywv PRO
For a moment I thought.........the pyramids don't have a chimney! ;)
Apr 09 2008 12:30 GMT charlotte
prachtig mooi !
Apr 09 2008 12:45 GMT Minou
Interesting kind of roofs !
Apr 09 2008 12:58 GMT SIGMUND
wonderful shot my dear!!!!!!!!!!!
Apr 09 2008 13:04 GMT Tavascarow
I agree with Minou.
Apr 09 2008 13:29 GMT losp
From the small-size image, I thought I saw 2 pyramids
in Egypt :o) ! .. To me, such architectural design is very
interesting & informative .. Excellent capture !!!
Apr 09 2008 13:51 GMT lalewa
very nice capture
Apr 09 2008 14:24 GMT mbz
EXCELLENT SHOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apr 09 2008 14:43 GMT Bellavista
Beautiful roof architecture!
Apr 09 2008 15:45 GMT otilia
this is perfect, and wonderful
Apr 09 2008 16:40 GMT senna3
Thank you Claudia.
Apr 09 2008 16:47 GMT senna3
Teddybear, these farms are called (in Dutch) "Stolpboerderijen". Stolp = Bell glass, boerderij = farm.
Apr 09 2008 16:49 GMT senna3
You are a sharp observer Tom. When I took this picture, my wife said, this is not authentic, they made windows in the roof and that destroyes the original architecture!
Apr 09 2008 16:52 GMT senna3
Linny, pyramid is exactly what is used in my encyclopedia to describe this particular farm architecture (in Dutch called a Stolpboerderij = Bell glass farm).
Apr 09 2008 17:06 GMT senna3
Thank you Sol.
Apr 09 2008 17:08 GMT senna3
Thank you Susana.
Apr 09 2008 17:10 GMT senna3
Thank you Tavascarow.
Apr 09 2008 17:13 GMT senna3
Thank you very much for the nice comment Losp!
Apr 09 2008 17:14 GMT senna3
Thank you Lalewa.
Apr 09 2008 17:22 GMT senna3
Thank you Bea.
Apr 09 2008 17:22 GMT senna3
Thank you Otilia.
Apr 10 2008 05:07 GMT doramandragora
Very pyramid-like... do these houses have high ceilings or is the top part usually a loft?
Apr 10 2008 06:07 GMT senna3
Doris, originally these farmhouses were built to store hay in the center until the roof and to have living quarters and stables around the hay stack. But nowadays the interior of this type of farmhouses (the design goes back to 1600!) has often been completely reconstructed.
Apr 10 2008 15:25 GMT larrybenedict
The windows (or sky lights) brought up a question I had that Doris has ask and you have answered. I just love Dutch architecture!!!!!!!!
Apr 10 2008 17:00 GMT Cronos1
Wonderful !
(Kheops's farm ?!)
Apr 10 2008 17:32 GMT senna3
Thank you Dony.
I don't know the name Kheop's farm. In Dutch they are called "Stolpboerderijen". Stolp = Bell glass, boerderij = farm.
Apr 11 2008 03:35 GMT doramandragora
Thank you, Peter. It would have kept all the occupants warm during the cold winter months... it's interesting to imagine in these industrial (and somewhat sterile) days that people in Europe once shared their indoor living space with farm animals.
Did the original houses have thatched roofs?
Apr 11 2008 05:29 GMT senna3
They did Doris, for decoration. Originally there were no windows in the roof. The roofs were partly covered with thatch (reed) in beautiful patterns, a bit like the second farm house in the picture.