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Small Town Towers
Czech Republic, Prague, Nov. 1992
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 03 2007 13:38 GMT skbeta
Prague... "Karluv most"... direct "Malostranské" square... :-) (I was studying there for 11 years)
Jan 03 2007 13:39 GMT dreamowl
wow...my favourite town. very very beautiful city
Jan 03 2007 14:05 GMT Fialka
Hello, nice picture, but it isn´s Powder Tower, but Small Town Towers .. Prague is my favourite city, too. You can visit my fotothing, there are some photos taken in Prague, too.
Jan 03 2007 14:06 GMT Fialka
Jan 03 2007 15:38 GMT Cascavel
Beautiful shot! Happy New Year as well. May it be a great one for everyone.
Jan 03 2007 15:39 GMT iyerhari
Tks. senna3....

lovely presented!
Jan 03 2007 18:09 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Great picture - I'd love to go to Prague one day!
Jan 03 2007 19:26 GMT gmastro
great shots of great buildings!!!!
Jan 03 2007 20:31 GMT Macfudge
Interesting foto.
Jan 03 2007 22:59 GMT nanstrom
I love the lines in this photo. Very interesting tower and surrounding buildings.

By the way
Jan 04 2007 11:31 GMT choices
Prague is a fantastic place! I hope I get to go back there ones to see more of it and shoot it some more :)
Jan 04 2007 13:47 GMT kella
sempre interessanti e belle le tue foto...
Jan 04 2007 18:14 GMT senna3
It certainly is Dreamowl!
Jan 04 2007 18:15 GMT senna3
Thank you Fialka. I will change it!
Jan 04 2007 18:17 GMT senna3
Thanks for the link. There is a slight resemblance, but they are different for sure!
Jan 04 2007 18:21 GMT senna3
Thank you Cascavel.
Jan 04 2007 18:21 GMT senna3
Thank you Iyerhari.
Jan 04 2007 18:23 GMT senna3
It is certainly worth a visit Thor!
Jan 04 2007 18:24 GMT senna3
Thank you Gmastro.
Jan 04 2007 18:24 GMT senna3
Thank you Hans.
Jan 04 2007 18:36 GMT senna3
Thank you Nanstrom, I wish you the same and I hope to enjoy many more of your beautiful pictures!
Jan 04 2007 18:38 GMT senna3
You should certainly visit again Choices and enjoy the city and the music you can hear in every church you enter! It seems that all churches are used as concert halls when there are no sermons!
Jan 04 2007 18:42 GMT senna3
Grazie Kella.
Jan 04 2007 19:54 GMT abojovna PRO
Church of St. Nicolas ... Prague is realy fotogenical and atractice city! I like walk on historical center...
Thanks for this presentation!
Jan 04 2007 19:59 GMT soldier
Wonderful architecture... great composition!
Jan 04 2007 23:05 GMT wifey
Beautiful ornate buildings… I like how you framed them too.
Jan 05 2007 14:57 GMT toshkatakb
Great shot!
Jan 06 2007 07:12 GMT sini
Beautiful town! Great shot!
Jan 06 2007 22:36 GMT Maurabia
Peter, hope everything is allright !
Jan 08 2007 01:01 GMT Jakeobean
senna3...stunning photograph...so clear...every detail is visible....great work.....Happy New Year to you and your Family........
Jan 08 2007 09:47 GMT senna3
Thank you Wifey and also for your other comments!
Jan 08 2007 09:49 GMT senna3
Thank you Abojnova.
Jan 08 2007 09:50 GMT senna3
Thank you Soldier.
Jan 08 2007 09:50 GMT senna3
Thank you Toshka.
Jan 08 2007 11:20 GMT senna3
Hello Lydia, I am more than allright, thank you. To day I have reserved time for paying attention to all the comments and new pictures at FT.
Jan 08 2007 11:20 GMT senna3
Thank you Sini.
Jan 08 2007 11:22 GMT senna3
Thank you Jakeobean. I too wish you and yours all the best in 2007!