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One of the 12 idols in the pagoda of Wat Chayamangkalaram
Malaysia, Penang, Georgetown, April 2011

Each of the 12 idols represents an animal in the Chinese zodiac.
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 10 2012 07:23 GMT sini
Wonderful image and colours!:)
Mar 10 2012 07:28 GMT ENZO
nice photo
Mar 10 2012 07:39 GMT hans55 PRO
beautiful !!
Mar 10 2012 07:44 GMT Riet
Quite nice! Did you ever try to sit like that? :-) I did when I was younger. I succeeded but after a moment I tumbled! :-))
Mar 10 2012 08:03 GMT senna3
Thank you Sini.
Mar 10 2012 08:34 GMT senna3
Thank you ENZO.
Mar 10 2012 08:38 GMT senna3
Thank you Hans.
Mar 10 2012 08:59 GMT senna3
Thank you Riet.
Yes, I tried many times to sit in such a 'Lotus position'. But that was because of a promise my twin brother and I made in 1947. The story is as follows.
We were just back from Indonesia and we were a bit spoiled by our aunts and uncles. One of these uncles challenged us to sit in the above way and to rise to standing position without using your hands and keeping your feet crossed. The reward was a 'rijksdaalder', at the time a considerable amount of money! At the age of 8 and just coming back from a tropical country where you usually sit like that on the floor, it was not a problem. But our uncle had a second condition, we should keep that flexibility our whole life. Of course, we made that promised!
When our daughters were about the age of 8 years I challenged them likewise, now the reward was 10 guilders. They had no problem either to accept the challenge! But each time I ask them to demonstrate the Lotus exercise, I have to do the same. The last time I manage to do it was at the age of 65, but I had great difficulties to rise again. So I declared that I was now retired and from now on I was only required to sit down in a Lotus position. That would also apply to the promise our 3 daughters made. Afterall, at the time of the promise in 1947 people were not expected to become so old!
Mar 10 2012 09:10 GMT Annamaria
Beautiful, Peter! For which animal does this one stands?

I like your story about the Lotus position. I have never tried and now it definately is too late to try....;-(
Mar 10 2012 09:43 GMT happysnaper
Beautiful shot Peter.
Mar 10 2012 10:32 GMT senna3
This the idol presenting the Snake Anna-Maria.
Mar 10 2012 10:32 GMT senna3
Thank you Tony.
Mar 10 2012 10:33 GMT hallo
Perfect capture!
Mar 10 2012 11:30 GMT senna3
Thank you Samir.
Mar 10 2012 11:56 GMT Lalbabu
Love your experiance Peter,generally sitting in Lotus position & standing without hand support is a very pensive one,however,practice makes it easy.
Mar 10 2012 13:37 GMT senna3
Very true Soumen!
Mar 13 2012 22:08 GMT aquiles PRO
Mar 14 2012 14:41 GMT saffi9
great work senna
Apr 01 2012 06:57 GMT senna3
Thank you Hunju.
Apr 01 2012 07:00 GMT senna3
Thank you Aquiles.
Apr 01 2012 07:00 GMT senna3
Thank you Dave.