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Three pictures of the drainage mill "De Garstenmolen" anno 1876
1. Before the restoration

Netherlands, Nigtevecht, Oct. 2002
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 22 2007 12:27 GMT iyerhari
great one:)
Oct 22 2007 12:29 GMT backstreets PRO
Typical Netherland shot......and its a Super one !!
Oct 22 2007 12:31 GMT annaschnitfink
Oh this is so great dear senna3: on summer evenings - when I lived not far away from this mill - I used to make a trip alongside the river Vecht until Loenen...
The evening sun shone upon my face and that of my youngest son: those were such nice trips!!!
Oct 22 2007 13:23 GMT william22
It is a real joy to see how well these windmills are maintained and that you are sharing their charm with us.Thank you.
Oct 22 2007 13:25 GMT Pietje
`n plaatje........
Oct 22 2007 13:36 GMT Pinkpitch
I think the holland's traditional logo is this ;-)
Oct 22 2007 13:54 GMT h43
Lovely shot.
Oct 22 2007 15:00 GMT senna3
Thank you very much for the nice comments Backstreets.
Oct 22 2007 15:11 GMT pauli3522
Oct 22 2007 15:53 GMT senna3
Thank you Iyer.
Oct 22 2007 16:49 GMT nightowl011
Beautiful old windmill and beautiful new foto!:)
Oct 22 2007 16:59 GMT senna3
It is a very nice road along the Vecht Anna. We often include it into our bike trips.
I posted this photo because we in June that they are restoring this mill. On our last trip along the Vecht (in Oct.) the restoration was finished. So I now have 3 pictures of the three phases.
Oct 22 2007 17:18 GMT senna3
Lasmini, there are advantages and disadvantages. The maintenance of such a mill is very costly, and inspite of the help you get from the government, the people living in such a mill have to make additional money by allowing tourists to see the interior.
Oct 22 2007 19:16 GMT senna3
William, although you cannot see it, it happened that this mill was in such a bad condition that a complete restoration was needed. This year it is Nationaal Molen Jaar (National Mill Year) in the Netherlands and the government provided money for restoration of several mills, among which this one. The next two pictures show the result!
Oct 23 2007 06:23 GMT senna3
Dank je Piet.
Oct 23 2007 07:09 GMT senna3
One of the traditional logos Pinkpitch, don't forget the wooden shoes and tulips!
Oct 23 2007 08:48 GMT senna3
Yes Pauli, most mills in the Netherlands do work. About once a month they are put to work to keep them operational. But only a few are doing the work they were intended for. For instance, the work of the drainage mills is taken over by pumping stations. I know one mill close to where we live, that is still dayly doing its original work. It is the flour mill shown at http://www.fotothing.com/senna3/photo/645130265eb45c87c19c18b2beac3837/start=1086
Oct 23 2007 18:05 GMT SIGMUND
Wow, great!!!