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River Amstel
Netherlands, Amsterdam, May 2013

The picture shows the theatre Carre and the famous Magere Brug (Skinny Bridge). The central section of the Magere Brug is a bascule bridge made of white-painted wood. The present bridge was built in 1934, but the first bridge at this site was built in 1691. Because this bridge was very narrow, the locals called it magere brug, which literally means "skinny bridge". Use of the bridge has been limited to pedestrians and cyclists since 2003.

A story told to tourists about the origins of the 1691 version of the bridge is that it was built by two wealthy sisters who lived on opposite sides of the Amstel river and wanted to be able to visit one another every day (and were presumably too busy, or not in good enough health, to go the long way round via another bridge, of which there must surely have been at least one). In one variant of the story the sisters, although wealthy, were not quite wealthy enough to afford a bridge of adequate width for general use and so built a very narrow bridge, hence its name. In another variant of the story the sisters' last name was Mager, hence the bridge's name (rather than from its narrowness).
The bridge can be seen in a number of films, such as the James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever from 1971: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magere_Brug
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Comments on this photo:

May 21 2013 18:51 GMT mypictures49
Nice photo.
May 21 2013 19:21 GMT Macfudge
A great story and great foto!:-)
May 21 2013 20:06 GMT wijnie58
Great view of the Amstel, Peter..!!
May 21 2013 20:46 GMT hans55 PRO
great Amstel view and de magere Brug !!!
May 21 2013 22:29 GMT Studio88
May 21 2013 22:32 GMT 25barb
Magnificent photo. great city scene
Great capture...
May 21 2013 22:53 GMT clintonfolks
fantastic photo and great info..
May 22 2013 07:36 GMT Bellavista
iconic bridge sure! Now I have to see the Bond film too!
May 22 2013 08:20 GMT Hanny50
Fantastisch wat je allemaal hebt uitgezocht over de gebouwen enz. van Amsterdam Peter. Ik vind dat je fantastisch reklame maakt voor de stad en het zijn supermooie foto's!!
May 22 2013 09:48 GMT Squirrel PRO
GREAT SHOT AND VIEW>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
May 22 2013 09:49 GMT skyball
Interesting series Peter!!!!!........
May 22 2013 12:42 GMT larrybenedict
Nice photo and I liked the story(s) about the bridge.
May 22 2013 13:37 GMT Lalbabu
Great information & fine shot in original !!!
May 22 2013 21:21 GMT MargNZ
Wonderful history of the bridge ... thank you Peter :)
Jun 01 2013 12:27 GMT senna3
Thanks all for the nice comments!
Jun 01 2013 13:09 GMT junne PRO
a beautiful sight and great sky
Jun 02 2013 09:56 GMT senna3
Thank you Gunter.