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Malaysia (Borneo), Batang Ai, April 2011

During our walk through the rainforest of Batang Ai we had to cross a ravine which was spanned by a suspension bridge. This bridge was rather long (a few hundred meter) and therefore swinging to and fro as soon as you stepped on it. I wanted to take a picture of my wife, but she didn't dare to turn around (or more likely, she didn't want to be photographed).
Unfortunately this picture is unsharp because of the constant swinging of the bridge, my camera included!
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 25 2011 10:57 GMT Midworlder PRO
They are fun bridges :-))
Apr 25 2011 11:33 GMT Donjames
Great shot despite the bridge movement, we have tree top safaris here in SA, bridges all linked between tall trees. They are located in the Garden Route, Knysna/George areas on the east coast. I still want to try it.
Apr 25 2011 11:39 GMT martini957
Makes me dizzy just thinking of being on this bridge....great shot
Apr 25 2011 11:45 GMT sini
I think she's brave enough walking that bridge!:)
Apr 25 2011 12:22 GMT ankaa
wow.... very dangerous....
Apr 25 2011 12:44 GMT clintonfolks
wow.! wonderful photo.. my wife would never got on this bridge..
Apr 25 2011 12:50 GMT hans55 PRO
a great catch Peter !!
Apr 25 2011 13:22 GMT linnywv PRO
She is MUCH MORE courageous than I Peter!! Brava!
Apr 25 2011 14:23 GMT bandsix
This looks like good fun...!
Apr 25 2011 14:28 GMT Annamaria
Like so many others I thik your wife was very brave, peter! Its a great shot and dear memory...;-)
Apr 25 2011 16:24 GMT FLUMP
I agree with everyone else....i certainly wouldn't have been brave enough!
Apr 26 2011 02:58 GMT larrybenedict
It's a very nice bridge, but I would not enjoy walking on it or looking down into the ravine. The trick to catching your Sweetie in a forward facing photo would be to cross over first, and suffer the consequence later! :-)
Apr 26 2011 08:34 GMT Pea2007
Apr 26 2011 09:19 GMT senna3
Ah Larry, ladies always first!
Apr 26 2011 09:25 GMT senna3
Thank you all for your nice comments!
Apr 26 2011 11:57 GMT junne PRO
in other words, you let her try out first if it is safe enough for you to cross ? :-)))
Apr 26 2011 14:29 GMT h43
This is a great shot . I am not sure that I would be happy crossing that bridge. I did do one in British Columbia one time and I was terrified once I got across because I knew then that I had to go back across again .
Apr 27 2011 09:59 GMT senna3
You got it Gunter!
Apr 27 2011 10:00 GMT senna3
It was really very safe Heather!
Apr 27 2011 14:46 GMT h43
Apr 30 2011 19:00 GMT Papagena
Even unsharp it's a great memory of your walking on this kind of bridge !! In the eighties my father made a trekking in Nepal and told me of that too.