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Ruines of the Hercules Temple at Citadel Hill (Jabal al Qal'a)
Jordan, Amman, May 2009

The great temple of Hercules (Herakles) was built between 162-166 AD. Larger than any temple in Rome itself, the massive structure faces east and is seen here from the southeast corner. The temple portico is framed by six 33-foot tall columns: http://www.art-and-archaeology.com/jordan/amman/cit01.html
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 28 2012 18:50 GMT hallo
Wonderful shot and work Peter!
Feb 28 2012 18:51 GMT Myshots
Stunning shot....Beautiful.
Feb 28 2012 18:53 GMT larrybenedict
I wonder why these haven't fallen over! The hole in some of the stones on the ground make me wonder if there was a rod down the middle of the stack that made up a columns. It's nearly impossible for me to get my mind around any structure of this type being almost a thousand years old....any structure actually.
Feb 28 2012 18:56 GMT clintonfolks
Feb 28 2012 19:12 GMT elsje323
wonderful shot
Feb 28 2012 19:33 GMT happysnaper
Fantastic Peter.
Feb 28 2012 19:38 GMT hans55 PRO
interresting historical pictures Peter !!
Feb 28 2012 20:06 GMT MargNZ
Truely magnificent Peter :)
Feb 28 2012 20:23 GMT sheasoru68
Incredible piece of history here ...thank you for sharing this...really incredible.
Feb 28 2012 20:45 GMT Pea2007
Wonderful Image Peter.
Feb 28 2012 21:45 GMT junne PRO
i am thankful for your bringing it to us, saves a trip and time away from loved ones
Feb 28 2012 22:04 GMT wijnie58
Beautiful historie Peter, love it...:-))
Feb 29 2012 00:27 GMT potterjo
beautiful image, it is amazing that they still exist.
Feb 29 2012 01:33 GMT Studio88
Biblical Image - Awesome! Peter ;-)
Feb 29 2012 02:16 GMT linnywv PRO
What a stunning photo! You famed it perfectly!
Feb 29 2012 05:46 GMT martini957
Fantastic shot...very interesting
Feb 29 2012 07:09 GMT sini
Great place and shot!:)
Feb 29 2012 08:21 GMT senna3
That is true Larry. In Roman times that was the way to put the pilar stones together.
Feb 29 2012 08:24 GMT senna3
Thanks all for the nice comments!
Feb 29 2012 09:17 GMT skyball
A great piece of history well recorded!!!!!!....
Feb 29 2012 09:58 GMT senna3
Thank you Geoff.
Feb 29 2012 09:59 GMT senna3
Thank you Hunju.
Feb 29 2012 10:18 GMT eliaskhalil
The pillars go fantastically with the clouds. Excellent shot.
I live nearby these ruins! I am glad that you visited Jordan Peter. Next time you visit just give me a hauller.
Feb 29 2012 10:40 GMT senna3
Thank you Elias.
During our visit in 2009 we visited your country man Samit Khalil in Amman. I was not aware that you too lived in Amman.
Feb 29 2012 13:34 GMT sirenans
Wonderful historic place and great shot!
Feb 29 2012 15:08 GMT senna3
Thank you Julijana.
Feb 29 2012 18:21 GMT whiteMusk
interesting part of history .... great shot of ruins...
Feb 29 2012 18:39 GMT Annamaria
Looks ike a great place for pictures!!
Feb 29 2012 20:01 GMT senna3
Thank you Mila.
Feb 29 2012 20:01 GMT senna3
It is Anna-Maria!