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My contribution to Proverbmonday 12 January 2009 is a photo of a small part (1/25) of the famous Pieter Bruegel painting "The Dutch Proverbs". The complete painting pictures over 120 proverbs and sayings, and was shown earlier: http://www.fotothing.com/senna3/photo/34b4c53a96afe870d7007b97d510f76c/start=37 .

In the above picture one may recognize for example:
"Ongeleide eiers zijn onzekere kiekens" meaning something like "One should not worry unnecessarily" and "De kat de bel aanbinden" = "Bell the cat" meaning "Disclosing a secret"
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 12 2009 12:33 GMT hans55 PRO
good one !!! :-))
Jan 12 2009 12:36 GMT Foggydew
so beautiful!
Jan 12 2009 13:07 GMT ashdad PRO
Great entry!
Jan 12 2009 13:25 GMT junne PRO
i love bruegel, one of the greatest old masters
Jan 12 2009 13:44 GMT will
Thanks for the translations and insight into this great body of artwork! :)
Jan 12 2009 14:20 GMT Poulet PRO
Very beautiful!
Jan 12 2009 15:08 GMT senna3
Thank you Hans.
Jan 12 2009 15:11 GMT senna3
Thank you Foggydew.
Jan 12 2009 15:26 GMT senna3
Thanks for the many comments Jyab.
Jan 12 2009 18:34 GMT Skykatt
Wonderful art !! +++++++
Jan 12 2009 21:14 GMT mcdonegal1 PRO
Great art!
Jan 12 2009 23:10 GMT jamby PRO
excellent capture....love the colors...yes! pure art!
Jan 13 2009 03:40 GMT MargNZ
Most interesting ... great painting .
Jan 13 2009 10:55 GMT senna3
Thank you Malen.
Jan 13 2009 10:56 GMT senna3
Thank you Margaret.
Jan 13 2009 12:56 GMT h43
This is great Peter.
Jan 13 2009 12:58 GMT senna3
Thank you Heather.
Jan 13 2009 22:05 GMT LizSA
Magnificent...... I love it....... as always..... so glad I paged back on your uploads...

" both proverbs i do not know...""
I know about "do not count your chickens before they are hatched..."" that is eggs..
the one about the cat...... I do not know at all....!! I also do not understand it...!!

as always... magnificent painting...!!
Jan 13 2009 22:06 GMT LizSA
Milibuh and others are doing a "" Poemswednesday"" now..

where can I find poems on the webside...I have a phto about rain. I might google it..:-)
Jan 14 2009 08:16 GMT senna3
Thanks for the comments Liz.
I will explain in a comment on your rain poem entry!