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Our second Bernese Senna (2 years old)
Netherlands, Holten, Aug. 1991

This is my contribution to proverbmonday 18 Dec. 2006:
Hoe meer ik de mensen leer kennen, hoe meer ik van mijn hond ga houden
The more I get to know people, the more I love my dog
(Of course, the FT family explicitly excluded!).
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 17 2006 17:41 GMT Minz PRO
FT excluded agreed......................lol

Wonderful looking dog - great shot.
Dec 17 2006 17:54 GMT mulhaqdesigner
:) nice prospecitve Minz agree with you completely.
Dec 17 2006 17:59 GMT hallo
OMG...this is a real beauty :)
Dec 17 2006 18:06 GMT Elly
Really a beauty. I can image you loved her.
Dec 17 2006 18:28 GMT senna3
Thank you Minz.
Dec 17 2006 18:35 GMT Riet
'Berner Sennenhonden ' zijn prachtig, een oude vriendin van mij heeft er ook altijd een gehad. Een geweldig lief dier!
Dec 17 2006 18:35 GMT senna3
Thank you Mulhaqdesigner.
Dec 17 2006 18:36 GMT senna3
Thank you Hallo.
Dec 17 2006 18:43 GMT senna3
The Bernersenne dogs were our favourites, real friends and very decorative!
Dec 17 2006 18:46 GMT senna3
She was our best friend, Elly. Of course, before Senna 2, Senna 1 was our best friend.
Dec 17 2006 18:46 GMT senna3
Thank you Baddi.
Dec 17 2006 19:59 GMT litz
so beautiful dog....!
Dec 18 2006 01:10 GMT Kire403
wow... a great contribution indeed and it's nice to know about it...

I hope you don't mind visiting my entry: http://www.fotothing.com/Kire403/photo/dfcc87fe540d899de651c7dd0e894839/
Dec 18 2006 01:30 GMT Bali
Amazing and stunning proverb!!!Great entry!!!
Dec 18 2006 06:36 GMT sini
Lovely dog and proverb entry!
Dec 18 2006 07:03 GMT DGM
I love my dog too!

Nice proverb!!
Dec 18 2006 07:32 GMT senna3
Thank you Litz.
Dec 18 2006 07:35 GMT senna3
Thank you Sini.
Dec 18 2006 07:36 GMT senna3
Thank you Kire.
Dec 18 2006 07:37 GMT senna3
Thank you Bali.
Dec 18 2006 07:38 GMT senna3
Thank you DGM.
Dec 18 2006 08:08 GMT marijke06
nice entry.....nice proverb....:))
Dec 18 2006 08:19 GMT senna3
Thank you Marijke.
Dec 18 2006 15:33 GMT Seamus
senna3... True so true sometimes. Beautiful dog.
Dec 19 2006 07:36 GMT senna3
Thank you Seamus.
Dec 19 2006 17:21 GMT gmastro
oh!! lovely dog!! and nice pose!
Dec 20 2006 07:12 GMT senna3
Thank you Gmastro.
Nov 23 2008 12:56 GMT mcdonegal1 PRO
Glad I checked out your like Peter as this is a beautiful dog and great proverb :-)
I used to have a white Labrador who lived until he died naturally of old age at 14 years
Nov 23 2008 14:03 GMT senna3
Ah you are a dog lover to Mary! 14 years is quite old, even for a Labrador.
We had dogs for 25 years, but when Senna 2 died at the age of 10 (thereby earning a medal of the Dutch Bernese club, because 10 is quite old for a Bernese) we decided to have no dogs anymore. At the time our three daughters lived abroad, so no "babysit" for our dogs anymore!
Nov 23 2008 18:06 GMT mcdonegal1 PRO
My daughter was 11 when our dog died and we both were so sad that we decided we couldn't have another one. We got goldfish and a cat instead...not the smartest mixture :-)) rescued the goldfish from the floor a few times!
Nov 24 2008 03:46 GMT martini957
beautiful dog and I like the "The more I get to know people, the more I love my dog "
I'm going to add... the more I love & appreciate my dog lol
Nov 24 2008 07:00 GMT senna3
Mary, when our youngest daughter came from the USA she took her two cats with her. Gradually I start to appreciate cats too! I have no experience with goldfish.
Nov 24 2008 07:03 GMT senna3
Nancy, already as a child I started to collect proverbs. I have added your version and the for me new proverb "Lord help me to be the person my dog thinks I am" to my collection!