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Netherlands, Bussum, Jan. 2008

My entry for Favouritedrink Friday.
Sinds 1982 we are collecting wines. We started our wine cellar when friends of us told us that they had acquired a wine cellar by removing the roof of their garage, by removing the concrete floor, by digging a big hole in the ground, by lowering a container into the hole, by repairing floor and roof, by transforming the container into a wine cellar, and by paying a lot of money.
We then realized that we could create a wine cellar in our basement for free, and so we did. Since then wine is our favourite drink at each evening dinner.
This picture shows only a small portion of our still growing collection.
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 10 2008 19:45 GMT dcz
como nos cuidamos.
Jan 10 2008 19:49 GMT Carlimauda
O.k I come over and have a wine with you.....very tasty...
Jan 10 2008 19:52 GMT Firecrest
I have try to started collecting wines, but we like it to much.
Nice hobby, do you collecting a special country?
cood picture!!
Jan 10 2008 19:57 GMT santaslittlehelper
ERRUG LEKKER .. Schenk net nog een glas Sangiovese in !! Heerlijke hobby !!
Jan 10 2008 19:58 GMT Znuber
Awesome Peter - this is my favorite drink too. I used to make wine too, but only on a small scale(Approx. 90ltrs. yearly) Nowadays I just buy it:))
Jan 10 2008 20:04 GMT mariolina
great collection and entry! I virtually send you a bottle a excellent "nero d'avola" from sicily! :)
Jan 10 2008 20:10 GMT Pea2007
Wonderful entry
Many years ago I worked in a shool on the French / Swiss border and they produced their own wines and it was here that my love for wine started.Before this time I was in my home country England where then wine was not as popular as today.
Two Peters with the same favourite drink. Cheers.
Jan 10 2008 20:15 GMT sini
Wonderful to have a collection like that! Great entry!:)
Jan 10 2008 20:17 GMT Haw59 PRO
That is an awesome collection.
Jan 10 2008 20:40 GMT Torun
Wonderful collection....
Jan 10 2008 20:45 GMT hans55 PRO
great entry !! .... i like red wine too
Jan 10 2008 20:47 GMT senna3
Thanks for the comments Sini!
Jan 10 2008 20:50 GMT Carlimauda
Colin.....ben je ook een wijndrinker....zit dat soms bij jouw in de familie....hehe...LOL
Jan 10 2008 20:57 GMT Vasca
Fantastic entry Peter!!!!
You have a wonderul "bodega" (here, we call it that way... I mean, the wine cellar)
Jan 10 2008 21:11 GMT rainbow71
Awesome Idea.
Jan 10 2008 21:24 GMT mariazinha32
wonderful collection ...
great entry
Jan 10 2008 21:32 GMT Kaska
great collection...
and that makes me think of a friend of mine... loooong time ago.. who send me and my friend to pick up more wine from the big (45l) bottle. There was not much left so when trying to collect it to the small botthe we'd take a sip, then one more sip... :)
you probably guess that our host found us few hours later happy and with still empty bottle that we were supposed to bring :)
wine, yes, one of my favourite drinks :)
Jan 10 2008 22:06 GMT Adamus
Beautiful entry.
Jan 10 2008 22:30 GMT xevirbs
In fact, wine is also my favourite drink. I'm drinking wine (mainly red) every day. I see you have a nice collection. Enjoy it.
Jan 10 2008 22:35 GMT Elise
WOW! great choice to built a wine cellar!
Jan 10 2008 22:49 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
I agree - wow - what a stunning wine cellar!
Your visitors will not go short!
Jan 10 2008 22:49 GMT Midworlder PRO
You have a lot of dinners ahead of you :-))
Jan 10 2008 23:02 GMT bluesky
Wow.. so many.
Jan 10 2008 23:42 GMT abojovna PRO
WOW! So old wine and nice photo!
Jan 11 2008 00:14 GMT Macfudge
I see some problems! I must make arrangements to come over and check your cellar!!! LOL
Jan 11 2008 00:41 GMT Poulet PRO
Wonderful entry!!!
What a great collection, Peter!
And, I don't wanna leave your page!! LOL ;)))

Have a beautiful weekend.

p.s. About the clay sculpyures of his majesty. The artist didn't sells it Peter. He made them and ...I'm quite not sure....I used to read some where that he'll make his private museum to show them.
Jan 11 2008 01:43 GMT jomoud PRO
I have to make another entry in my itinerary for my visit to Holland this Spring:):)
Great shot and excellent entry senna.
Have a fabulous weekend.
Jan 11 2008 02:53 GMT h43
I am booking my flight in the morning. Looks like a nice collection.
Jan 11 2008 07:39 GMT linnywv PRO
I'm envious! A wonderful collection Peter...and a great joy at the end of a long day!
Jan 11 2008 08:12 GMT senna3
Nice story Kaska!
The advantage of a wine cellar is that you can easily store a larger number of bottles of the same wine (same house and same harvest year), so that you can follow their development over the years.
Jan 11 2008 08:18 GMT senna3
Thanks for all comments Hans.
Jan 11 2008 08:28 GMT maxelkat
Nice entry!
Jan 11 2008 09:03 GMT senna3
Firecrest, I used to have a lot of French ones (Bordeaux and Bourgogne), but they are now so expensive that I changed to Italy and Spain. Lately I also bought South African wines. They are really great (Veenwouden and Meerlust in particular!).
Jan 11 2008 09:50 GMT LizSA
this is terrific... what a wonderful and expert place to have... using it for this purpose...
you have a fantastic place Mr & Mrs Senna....
aaahhhh... SA wine.... :-) at least your friends and family will know what to give
you for special occasions.... something for the Wine Celler :-)
we have a remarkable big wine Market....
great story above .... about the container... what a effort...but very interesting :-)
Jan 11 2008 10:17 GMT senna3
Thank you Charles.
Well 90 l. is quite a lot (110 bottles!). We have considered to give it a try, but it never came to actual wine making.
Jan 11 2008 10:24 GMT senna3
Thank you very much for the many nice comments Claudia.
Jan 11 2008 10:48 GMT Riet
WOW! Lock me up there for a few days;))) Great entry, senna and wonderful idea!
Jan 11 2008 11:00 GMT jett366
Awesome collection! Great entry!
Jan 11 2008 13:54 GMT senna3
Thank you Linny.
Jan 11 2008 14:29 GMT vladofly
Excelent collection and entry!
Jan 11 2008 14:36 GMT hanek
Only a samll part ???!!!!! my is a really small !!! but I would like presesent to you The Qeen of my cellery ;-))
Jan 11 2008 15:04 GMT Pietje
A wonderful entry and a great collection

Have a nice weekend ....
Jan 11 2008 15:10 GMT yvon
proost! Cheers Ik hoop dat je niet alleen verzameld maar ook zo nu en dan een flesje opentrekt!
Jan 11 2008 15:45 GMT senna3
I will have a look at your Queen Hanek!
Jan 11 2008 16:10 GMT jceca PRO
wow & wow & wow is all i could say !!!!!! :-)
Jan 11 2008 17:51 GMT senna3
You are welcome Carla!
Jan 11 2008 18:16 GMT senna3
Liz, we become and more interested in SA wines, now the European wines become excessively expensive. I bought quite a lot of the Veenwouden and Jordan estates in Stellenbosch. These are really great wines!
Jan 11 2008 18:33 GMT senna3
Thank you Dcz.
Jan 11 2008 18:47 GMT senna3
Thank you very much Mariolina.
I like the Sicilan wines very much, in particular the Regaleali wines and the Duca Salaparuta di Corvo.
Jan 11 2008 19:41 GMT senna3
Cheers Peter!
Jan 11 2008 19:42 GMT senna3
Thanks for the comment Torun.
Jan 11 2008 19:44 GMT senna3
Thank very much Gaby!
Jan 11 2008 20:00 GMT senna3
Thank you Rainbow.
Jan 11 2008 20:03 GMT senna3
Thank you Maria.
Jan 11 2008 20:22 GMT PaP67
dear Peter i tryed by enlarging to spy some names of the labels..it was npt possible
so i don't know what kind of treasures are here !
Jan 11 2008 20:47 GMT senna3
That is difficult indeed Patrick. Moreover the bottles are packed in plastic which makes it the more difficult to read upside-down text! The reason is that the humidity in my cellar is very high (about 90%). That is OK for the wine, but not for the lables. They are gone within a year. So I protect them with a plastic covering and that works well. After 20 years the labels are still readable!
In the picture above you see in the 4 upper compartments (in reading order):
Gran Reserva of Casa Silva 1999 (Chiliean wine)
Patache d'Aux (Bégadan Haut medoc) 1989
Brunello di Casa Nardi (Montalcino) 1990
Terroir de Tuchan (Fitou en Languedoc) 1990.
Jan 11 2008 20:59 GMT PaP67
Jan 11 2008 23:54 GMT damansara71
Wowwww! Great collections ......
Jan 12 2008 07:32 GMT senna3
Thank you Adamus.
Jan 12 2008 07:35 GMT senna3
Than we share a preference for red wine Xevirbs, thanks for the comment!
Jan 12 2008 07:53 GMT senna3
Thank you Thor!
Jan 12 2008 07:56 GMT senna3
I hope so Roger!
Jan 12 2008 08:04 GMT senna3
You are welcome Hans and the wine will last for some time!
Jan 12 2008 08:06 GMT senna3
Thanks for the comment and the reply Poulet.
Have a beautiful weekend too!
Jan 12 2008 08:11 GMT senna3
You are welcome John!
Have a nice weekend too!
Jan 12 2008 09:11 GMT senna3
You are very welcome Heather.
When you time it well with the others, we can all have a nice wine tasting festivity!
Jan 12 2008 09:28 GMT senna3
Thank you Elliott.
Jan 12 2008 09:53 GMT senna3
That reminds me Riet, I locked up myself, but I did not drink one bottle. No corkscrew!
The story is as follws. Our cellar contains a second sliding door for isolation purposes. By some force it can be opened and closed from the outside by using a huge grip on the door.
Many years ago I was constructing additional wine-bins in the cellar and in some way I managed to close this second sliding door from the inside to keep the temperature low. When I had finished the job I wanted to leave the cellar, but I could not open the sliding door from the inside. After a long time my wife freed me!
Jan 12 2008 10:33 GMT senna3
Thank you Jett.
Jan 12 2008 13:58 GMT senna3
Thank you Vladofly.
Jan 12 2008 14:29 GMT senna3
Thank you Piet.
Have a nice weekend too!
Jan 12 2008 14:34 GMT senna3
Dank je Wil.
Ja, een flesje open trekken doen we bijna elke dag!
Jan 12 2008 14:34 GMT senna3
Dank je Wil.
Ja, een flesje open trekken doen we bijna elke dag!
Jan 12 2008 19:49 GMT senna3
Thank you Damansara.
Nov 06 2008 07:22 GMT BootJackJenny
Mmmmmmmmmmm Yummy !
Nov 06 2008 07:47 GMT senna3
Thanks for visiting my wine cellar BootJackJenny!