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Temple complex of Bel in ancient Palmyra, dating from the first century
Syria, Palmyra, April 2009

Nearly 2000 years old, and constructed on a place where much older remains have been discovered, the Temple of Bel is an important example of the magnitude of ancient Palmyra. Named after "Bol", the supreme God the like of Greek Zeus or Roman Jupiter, the name Bel was assumed after Babylonian usage. The temple has survived centuries of siege, earthquakes and the erosion of time: http://www.traveladventures.org/continents/asia/temple-of-bel.html
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 10 2013 17:33 GMT anko
great pic!
Apr 10 2013 18:20 GMT clintonfolks
Apr 10 2013 18:55 GMT Walneida
So beautiful....!!!!!!
Apr 10 2013 20:32 GMT 25barb
wonderful.. love your architectual work
Always wonderfully composed with the perfect lighting
and always most interesting noted.
Thanks for educating me..
Apr 10 2013 21:01 GMT junne PRO
imagine one day our own civilization will be found like this
Apr 10 2013 23:37 GMT fhelsing PRO
It must have been magnificent in its day!
Apr 11 2013 01:32 GMT T1MELESS PRO
Let's hope it survives the conflict that is happening today :-((
Apr 11 2013 10:10 GMT skyball
A lovely catch Peter!!..great shot!!!!!!......
Apr 11 2013 13:33 GMT Lalbabu
Great historical monument,agree both with junne and specially with T1MELESS !!!!
Apr 11 2013 13:35 GMT Pasifae
Very beautiful! :)
Apr 11 2013 15:23 GMT martini957
Very interesting....like parts survived for a reason....great shot
Apr 11 2013 16:42 GMT elsje323
interesting image
Apr 11 2013 17:06 GMT ujbanyiv
Excellent Photo. Very Special Place...
Apr 12 2013 06:36 GMT senna3
Thanks everyone for the nice comments!
Apr 12 2013 17:37 GMT hallo
Unfortunately lot of the modern buildings look like this in Syria :(
Apr 15 2013 11:14 GMT mbz