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GIMP fractal of the Sea Urchin http://www.fotothing.com/senna3/photo/97597d3559f9f6d5cbecb44a246f8709/
Netherlands, Bussum, Jan. 2008
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 09 2008 12:02 GMT abojovna PRO
Wow, genial idea and beautiful result! It looks like some scene from film about praehistory! I love your colours!
Jan 09 2008 12:06 GMT eclcris
yeah, great!
Jan 09 2008 12:13 GMT senna3
Thank you very much for all comments Claudia.
I too want to thank you once again for drawing my attention to this GIMP software. Not only the fractal tool (which is really great fun), but also the many other powerful editing tools included. I start to learn more and more about its potential!
Jan 09 2008 14:56 GMT Poulet PRO
Great editing Peter!
At first, from thumb it's a bit scary me 'coz I think you upload a pic of Durian and I don't like it!!! ;))) lol
Jan 09 2008 15:18 GMT senna3
Thanks for the comments Eclcris.
Jan 09 2008 15:54 GMT sene
Beautiful work!
Jan 09 2008 15:56 GMT LizSA
this is so beautiful...I love the way your main photo refleclts in the ""frame""
Jan 09 2008 16:39 GMT pauli3522
Jan 09 2008 17:54 GMT senna3
Paulina, this a fractal of a Sea Urchin obtained by GIMP software. The original was posted earlier (http://www.fotothing.com/senna3/photo/97597d3559f9f6d5cbecb44a246f8709/).
Jan 09 2008 17:58 GMT yvon
fantastisch!!!!!!! geen idee hoe je dit doet maar ik vind het GEWELDIG!
Jan 09 2008 18:23 GMT jceca PRO
i got the same impression as abojovna !!!!
Jan 09 2008 18:42 GMT PaP67
a good effect !
Jan 10 2008 07:04 GMT senna3
Poulet, I only once tasted Durian fruit, a long time ago. It was in Singapore where we bought it on a market. And then we discovered the penetrant smell. We were not allowed in the streetcar and decided to eat it in a park. It tasted not at all bad!
Jan 10 2008 14:10 GMT senna3
Thank you very much Liz.
Jan 10 2008 16:05 GMT senna3
Pailina, I processed a picture of a sea urchin with fractal software (see caption above). It is just a fantasy image!
Jan 10 2008 20:31 GMT senna3
Wil, met de fractal optie van GIMP kun je een wille keurige foto "fractaliseren". Het enige wat je moet doen is een geschikte startfoto uitzoeken en dan en beetje met de parameters spelen.