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Netherlands, near Lisse, March 2007
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 10 2007 20:36 GMT Qualquer
what a beautiful field......wonderful photo Senna3
Apr 10 2007 20:37 GMT LizSA
Hoe rooier hoe mooier....!!!!!!!!!!

English....noo...I cannot do it in english....How more red..how more beauitful???
Apr 10 2007 20:40 GMT mrsSharma
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i love tulips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apr 10 2007 20:52 GMT jamby PRO
did you had a sight-seeing tour through the tulips fields with the bike Senna? zo schitterend hé?
Apr 10 2007 21:01 GMT Kikon
Apr 10 2007 21:17 GMT beedabee
fabulous .. lovely tulip feed .. this is netherland!
Apr 10 2007 21:32 GMT annaschnitfink
Very, very beautiful dear Senna3!
Apr 10 2007 21:33 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Beautiful colours!
Apr 10 2007 22:22 GMT jceca PRO
a flower field again ..... soooo beautiful !!!!!
our fields aren't so colorful, believe me .. :-)
Apr 10 2007 22:40 GMT DGM
Indeed, very beautiful field!!! Lots of vases to fill.:)))
Apr 10 2007 22:45 GMT hans55 PRO
soo beautyfull !!
Apr 10 2007 22:58 GMT Fialka
Great composition!
Apr 10 2007 23:05 GMT beus PRO
Apr 11 2007 01:27 GMT Macfudge
Great color!
Apr 11 2007 04:21 GMT larrybenedict
If there was a windmill in the background and a pair of wooden shoes beside a row of tulips......it would be Holland. 'Tis beautiful Peter. The original is almost like being there.......almost!
Apr 11 2007 06:44 GMT senna3
Thank you Anna. When we visited the bulb fields in March the tulip fields were just starting and the hyacinths were on their peak. Yesterday most hyacinth fields had reached their end and many tulip fields were beautiful.
Apr 11 2007 06:50 GMT foxhouse
Beautiful colour !!!
Apr 11 2007 07:35 GMT Midworlder PRO
Wonderful colour
Apr 11 2007 08:08 GMT senna3
Liz, one of the very few examples where Dutch is terser (if that is the right word) than English.
Apr 11 2007 08:16 GMT gmastro
wow!!! its so so....redddddddddddddd!!!!! great!!!
Apr 11 2007 08:45 GMT senna3
Thank you Qualquer.
Apr 11 2007 09:23 GMT kella
che straordinaria veduta senna3
Apr 11 2007 11:19 GMT SIGMUND
Amaizing shot!!
Apr 11 2007 11:56 GMT senna3
Yes Jamby, yesterday we made a second bike tour. The last time (about 2 weeks ago) we saw (outside the Keukenhof) mainly hyacinths, the tulips were just starting. But now there were many tulip fields.
Apr 11 2007 12:02 GMT senna3
Thank you Beedabee.
Apr 11 2007 12:05 GMT senna3
Thank you Thor.
Apr 11 2007 12:11 GMT senna3
Jceca, after the many hyacinth fields pictures of two weeks ago, I now collected a number of tulip fields picture. I will post a few more!
Apr 11 2007 12:26 GMT Florine
Wonderful photo!
Apr 11 2007 12:50 GMT senna3
That's for sure DGM!
Apr 11 2007 12:53 GMT senna3
Thanks Hans.
Apr 11 2007 13:11 GMT senna3
Thanks for the nice comment Larry.
I will see what I can do. At the Keukenhof I took a picture of a pair of wooden shoes and I have a few mill pictures. So it should be possible to compose the sort of picture you have in mind!
Apr 11 2007 13:37 GMT senna3
Thank you so much Gmastro for your extensive visit of my pictures and the many many kind comments (I read them all). I really appreciate that!!
Apr 11 2007 14:43 GMT senna3
Thanks Roger.
Apr 11 2007 15:44 GMT senna3
Molto grazie Kella.
Apr 11 2007 16:44 GMT senna3
Thank you Florine.