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Estate Marienwaerdt
Netherlands, Beesd, April 2007

My proverbmonday entry for 9 April 2007:

"Men moet hooien wanneer de zon schijnt" = "Make hay while the sun shines"
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 09 2007 13:57 GMT maguzz
interesting entry ...

are the roofs able to rise, if there's more hay?
Apr 09 2007 14:23 GMT sini
Great composed image! Great proverb entry!
Apr 09 2007 14:43 GMT Minz PRO
Great photo!
Apr 09 2007 15:19 GMT jomoud PRO
a wonderful photo
great illustration for a wonderful proverb
Apr 09 2007 15:40 GMT hans55 PRO
schitterend !!!
Apr 09 2007 15:47 GMT Empty
Very nicely done.!!!!!!
Great illustration... :))
Apr 09 2007 18:32 GMT Lie
Men zoekt meestal ook naar een speld in een hooiberg.....dat kan ook als de zon niet schijnt... toch ???
Heb je hem al gevonden !!
Apr 09 2007 18:40 GMT senna3
Yes they do Maguzz. In original size you can see the holes in the bars where the pins fit in to support the roof.
Apr 09 2007 18:42 GMT senna3
Thank you Sini.
Apr 09 2007 18:44 GMT senna3
Thank you John.
Apr 09 2007 19:12 GMT senna3
Thank you Empty.
Apr 09 2007 19:38 GMT LizSA
Make hay while the sun shines.......I wanted to do this one a long time ago...
never had the photo.......it is one of my most famous and popular
proverbs......."make hay while the sun shines.."
Apr 09 2007 19:39 GMT LizSA
Those trees are beautiful......will you please enter a photo when it has
leaves in summer......!!!
Apr 09 2007 20:15 GMT senna3
That is a good one IrishPics! But I am too old now!
Apr 09 2007 20:29 GMT senna3
Heb ik inderdaad overwogen Lie. Ik zoek altijd het spreekwoord bij de foto en mijn spreekwoordenverzameling geeft 23 spreekwoorden waarin hooi voorkomt, dus een ruime keus. De blauwe lucht op de foto gaf de doorslag!
Apr 09 2007 20:41 GMT maguzz
thank you ... the world is full of surprises ... ;-)
Apr 09 2007 21:51 GMT aigil
interesting building
Apr 09 2007 22:59 GMT DGM
I was surprised by your answer that the roofs are adjustable. I thought they were fixed.

Great entry!!
Apr 10 2007 05:42 GMT senna3
Thank you Liz. I have always problems with the translation of Dutch proverbs into English. I do have a 6 language dictionary for proverbs, but this one was not in the dictionary. I have corrected the translation!
Apr 10 2007 05:46 GMT senna3
That is a promise Liz. But perhaps you will not see the haystacks anymore.
Apr 10 2007 14:34 GMT senna3
Thank you DGM.
Apr 12 2007 18:08 GMT Lie
Dat begrijp ik nu !
En die speld....die komt van de winter wel, toch ???