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Computer generated fractal image by means of Mandelbrot's recursion (GIMP software)
Netherlands, Bussum, Jan. 2008
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 07 2008 18:14 GMT Arik77
Amazing work !
Jan 07 2008 18:24 GMT kamilla
Fantastic work!!!
Jan 07 2008 18:30 GMT soldier
Yessss... amazing fractal!!!! I'd like to see the original as well! They can be wonderful togother!
Jan 07 2008 18:46 GMT Jakeobean
Senna...the Mendaebrot fractals are so interesting...I can remember working on these with an old computer...I would enter the recursive formula and let the computer run for 20-24 hours to get one image,....things sure have improved with the new computers....Great work my friend....
Jan 07 2008 19:06 GMT dreamowl
you are really a good player with your computer and with the shot...
Jan 07 2008 19:29 GMT senna3
Thanks for the comment Agoston.
I have posted the original of this fractal image.
Jan 07 2008 19:55 GMT abojovna PRO
You realy nice ussed your beautiful photo! Atractive result! I love it, nice focus and beautiful colours!
Jan 07 2008 23:45 GMT jceca PRO
stunning effect here !!!!
Jan 08 2008 08:55 GMT maxelkat
This is great as a fractal
Jan 08 2008 10:14 GMT senna3
Jake, I too have always been fascinated by fractal theory. I wrote a program to generate fractals, but the the "image to be fractalized" should be given in the form of a mathematical formula (I posted a few examples at FT tagged fracx). The program language I used had not have sufficent grafic tools to "recursivate" a digital image.
Jan 08 2008 10:32 GMT senna3
Thanks for all nice comments Elliott.
Jan 08 2008 14:00 GMT senna3
Thank you Kamilla.
Jan 08 2008 14:46 GMT Hanka
Very nice work!
Jan 08 2008 17:59 GMT senna3
Thank you Arik.
Jan 08 2008 18:06 GMT senna3
Thank you very much Dreamowl.
Jan 09 2008 00:57 GMT Poulet PRO
SO gorgeous!!!!!
Jan 09 2008 12:51 GMT senna3
Thank you Hanka.
Jan 26 2008 18:08 GMT abojovna PRO
Beautiful pattern too, nice elegant colours, well done!!!
Feb 04 2008 15:36 GMT Nightporter
These are fascinating images.
Feb 04 2008 18:55 GMT senna3
Thank you Nightporter.