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Vietnam, Halong Bay, March 2010
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 05 2010 15:09 GMT Icandoit
Awesome shot
Sep 05 2010 15:14 GMT Donjames
Brilliant shot....
Sep 05 2010 15:38 GMT PaP67
gorgeous shot !
Sep 05 2010 17:02 GMT yvon
maart 2010 Het lijkt alweer zo lang geleden dat jullie weg waren!
Sep 05 2010 17:18 GMT GraniteRoad
Great shot. This looks like very rugged country. Like there is maybe 50 feet between the waters edge and solid rock walls. The red flags, are they the national flag and why so many of them? The buildings seem to be mostly the same color, is that by design or are they all governmnent units?

Looking at it in full size is very interesting. I love all the details.
Sep 05 2010 17:37 GMT Danijela
Very nice shot, love the red details:)
Sep 05 2010 17:45 GMT will
Good one Peter..:)
Sep 05 2010 17:46 GMT senna3
Thank you Harry.
Sep 05 2010 17:47 GMT senna3
Thank you Don.
Sep 05 2010 17:48 GMT senna3
Thank you Patrick.
Sep 05 2010 17:49 GMT senna3
De tijd vliegt Wil, we zijn all aan het denken over de volgende reis. Bij ons is het één grotere reis per jaar, bij jullie is dat wat vaker!
Sep 05 2010 17:56 GMT senna3
Halong Bay is just a flooded mountain landscape GR. You only see the tops of the mountains above the water. The red flags are the national flag of Vietnam, you see them abundantly all over the country. Halong Bay is in the far north of Vietnam which isstill very communistic and strict, so uniformity is a common formula!
Sep 05 2010 17:57 GMT senna3
Thank you Danijela.
Sep 05 2010 17:57 GMT senna3
Thank you Will.
Sep 06 2010 00:13 GMT fhelsing PRO
That's a grand view!
Sep 06 2010 05:29 GMT senna3
Thank you Fleur.
Sep 06 2010 15:07 GMT Lalbabu
Wonderful misty effect!!!
Sep 06 2010 15:11 GMT senna3
Thank you Soumen.
Sep 06 2010 19:11 GMT Cronos1
Like a impressionist painting ! Wonderful view !
(hope you are OK, my vacation is gone, I'm back to work, but is allright, I'm waiting for the autumn colors..:-)
Sep 06 2010 19:14 GMT senna3
Thank you Dony.
Welcome back, autumn is about to start, the first mushrooms has been spotted in the Netherlands!
Sep 08 2010 18:28 GMT yvon
Nee hoor Ook wij gaan maar! 1 keer en wel in de zomervakantie. Verder tussendoor wel eens in Nederland met de caravan.