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Netherlands, Bussum, Spanderswoud, Oct. 2012

I couldn't find this specimen in my mushroom guides and on internet. It is a relatively large fungus with a cap diameter of about 10 cm (upper one).
I asked people of the Royal Dutch Flora Association, but they told me that without information on the root system and a taste sample it was impossible to tell! The only information they could give was that they belong to the fungal order Agaricales which means, according to my guides, gilled mushrooms.

After an intensive search I finally found at http://www.mykoweb.com/CAF/species/Gymnopilus_spectabilis.html an image that resembles very well the above photo. So it might well be the Gymnopilus junonius - Laughing gym (or Laughing Jim, or Spectacular rustgill) - Prachtvlamhoed
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 17 2012 15:47 GMT julie13
You have discovered a new type never found before so we will call it The Senna Mushroom, :) now you will be famous.
Oct 17 2012 15:49 GMT rob22stan
Fantastic detail
Oct 17 2012 15:50 GMT ujbanyiv
Wonderful Mushroom Closeup Photo. A very rare breed...
Oct 17 2012 16:00 GMT 25barb
I agree with Julie...You are a marvelous photographer and researcher...so if this one comes up blank it shoud be called Senna3
Wonderful work...
Oct 17 2012 16:23 GMT hallo
At last we have the Senna3 mushroom and a great one as well :)
Oct 17 2012 16:42 GMT elsje323
beautiful mushroom shot
Oct 17 2012 16:59 GMT T1MELESS PRO
Great find Peter It would be great if it were a new species wouldn't it !!!!!
Oct 17 2012 17:28 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Another fabulous fungus shot!
Oct 17 2012 18:51 GMT wijnie58
Funny and beautiful fungus shot, Peter..:-))
Oct 17 2012 18:51 GMT annaschnitfink
A very special picture of an even more special mushroom!!!
Great find in every aspect dear Peter!
Oct 17 2012 18:57 GMT FLUMP
do you find all these different mushrooms in the same area
Oct 17 2012 20:54 GMT Squirrel PRO
Wonderful mushroom !!!
Oct 18 2012 02:22 GMT fhelsing PRO
a lovely variety, whatever it is!
Oct 18 2012 12:35 GMT skyball
A very good example Peter.......
Oct 18 2012 13:36 GMT Lalbabu
It's a great find Peter I agree with julie13 !!!!!
Oct 18 2012 13:59 GMT marioalbertina
Could be ....... a "Lactarius deliciosus" in Italian "Sanguin".
In Liguria is a very popular fungus that grows in the autumn and as the name implies very edible.
Or is to be found in the genre "Lactarius ".................... :)
Oct 18 2012 14:25 GMT Hanny50
Oct 18 2012 14:50 GMT senna3
Helen, my "hunting" area for mushrooms is Spanderswoud, a forest of about 600 acres which is quite rich of all sorts of fungi. It is only 10 minutes by bike from our house, so I visit it very often in autumn. But it takes a lot of time to find undamaged specimens. Mushrooms are very popular among snails, even the fly fungus!
Oct 18 2012 15:01 GMT senna3
Thanks for the suggestion Mario. I looked at internet for images of the Lactarius deliciosus, e.g.
but they differ by the fungus above in lacking a "cuff" around the stem.
Meanwhile I have made a thorough search at internet and found an image at the URL
which resembles the mushroom in my photo very close!
Oct 18 2012 19:22 GMT senna3
Thanks to all for the kind comments!