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Myanmar (Burma), Mingun, March 2012

Another example of "The patient flock may be packed in a narrow sheepfold".
At the right the remains of one of the two lions which were intended as guardians of the Mingun Pahtodawgyi shown two pictures back.
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Comments on this photo:

May 31 2012 06:10 GMT Squirrel PRO
GREAT PEOPLE SHOT >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
May 31 2012 07:49 GMT sini
Great scene!:)
May 31 2012 08:16 GMT senna3
Thank you Ander.
May 31 2012 08:17 GMT senna3
Thank you Hunju.
May 31 2012 08:17 GMT senna3
Thank you Sini.
May 31 2012 08:52 GMT marioalbertina
Each civilization has its own habits! ................
May 31 2012 09:30 GMT MargNZ
Happy smiling people ... nice shot Peter :)
May 31 2012 10:56 GMT 25barb
Not too sure of the comfort of the ride but it does not seem to bother the passengers
Super people capture
May 31 2012 11:20 GMT skyball
A double decker:-))...nice catch!!!!!......
May 31 2012 11:40 GMT Lie
Great reallive shot again...
May 31 2012 11:58 GMT happysnaper
Brilliant shot Peter.
May 31 2012 13:15 GMT clintonfolks
May 31 2012 13:35 GMT wijnie58
Lovely shot of the people, Peter..:-))
May 31 2012 14:00 GMT Lalbabu
It seems to me that the bus is not so much so over crowded yet the people sitting overhead is merely for air.
May 31 2012 15:19 GMT T1MELESS PRO
If it has wheels and an engine it will be packed where ever it's destination :-))
May 31 2012 16:10 GMT Annamaria
Great find...lets remember that next time when our buses are too crowded...;-)
May 31 2012 16:21 GMT whiteMusk
"your people" are always smiling, I really like that.
great shot ....
May 31 2012 16:30 GMT ujbanyiv
Great Candid Photo...
May 31 2012 17:28 GMT peterpinhole
Packed like sardines....but a happy bunch.
May 31 2012 18:23 GMT pauli3522
i like this pic..it shows us how the life goes in other countries
Jun 01 2012 01:58 GMT Studio88
It looks like the NYC Subway at rush hour - Sadine Cans - Great Series ;-)
Jun 01 2012 05:31 GMT senna3
Thanks everyone for the nice comments!
Jan 16 2013 19:05 GMT ForestSpirit PRO

Such an interesting view of life in Burma.
The people look happy enough, in spite of being packed in like sardines.
Jan 16 2013 19:30 GMT senna3
Thanks for your comment Sylvia!
Jan 19 2013 04:31 GMT larrybenedict
Peter, I am wondering about the quote: "The patient flock may be packed in a narrow sheepfold".
Sounds as it may be from some Sacred text, perhaps the Bible, but I am unfamiliar with it. Will you enlighten me?
Jan 19 2013 08:50 GMT senna3
Larry, as you know, I am a collector of all sorts of "things" and one of my many collections deals with Dutch proverbs. I started as a child, just by memorizing the proverbs I heard or read, but in the 80-ies, when I got my first PC, I put them on file and complemented them with proverbs taken from the many proverb books I meanwhile possessed. One of them provides a large number of Dutch proverbs together with their equivalence in English, French, German, Spanish and Latin. For the Dutch proverb "Er gaan veel makke schapen in een hok" it mentions the equivalences:
"The patient flock may be packed in a narrow sheepfold"
"Der geduldigen Schafe gehen viele in einen Stall"
"Para ovejas pacientes hay siempre puesto en el establo"
"Unum claudis oves plures in ovile volentes"
This book (Van Dale Lexicografie: Spreekwoordenboek in Zes Talen, ISBN 90-6648-311-3) claims that the equivalences are not just translations but existing proverbs in the corresponding language!