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In this collage I collected all FT Clubs I know of. Please let me know if I forgot one!

1. Anna-Maria's Doors Club (started by Annamaria, tag annamariasdoorsclub)
2. Canal Club (started by Foggydew??, tag canalclub)
3. Carl's Bird Club (started by SomersetDreams, tag carlsbirdclub)
4. Funny Trees Club (started by Papagena, tag funnytreesclub)
5. Joan's Gate Club (started by SuperJoan, tag joansgateclub)
6. Lamppost Club (started by ???, tag lamppostclub)
7. Lie's Cats Club (started by Lie, tag liescatsclub)
8. Milibuh's Cat Club (started by Milibuh, tag milibuhscatclub)
9. Mill Club (started by Annamaria, tag millclub)
10. Mushroom Club (started by Poulet, tag mushroomclub)
11. Papagena's Dog Club (started by Papagena, tag papagenasdogclub)
12. Steeple Club (started by H43, tag steepleclub)
13. Window Club (started by Foggydew and/or Marijke???, tag windowclub)

Barbara (Bandsix) reminded me about the recent
14. Knocker Club (started by Foggydew, tag knockerclub)

Further FT clubs:
15. Ice Fun Club (tag icefunclub)
16. Digital Art Club (started by Donjames and Julie13, tag digitalartclub)
17. Barbara's Shadow Club (tag bandsixshadowclub)
18. Hunju's Big Eye Club (tag hunjusbigeyeclub)
19. TinaRTiller's Church Club (tag churchsunday)
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 09 2011 17:34 GMT hallo
Lot of clubs there :)
Jul 09 2011 17:50 GMT fhelsing PRO
a lovely set of photos!
Jul 09 2011 18:22 GMT Bellavista
So much club we have? Lovely idea Peter!
Have a nice weekend.
Jul 09 2011 18:40 GMT Annamaria
Thats a great idea, peter! I already wondered how many clubs there are... I see i often have not used the fitting TAG...;-( pe. I have uploaded so many mushrooms....

I will try to remember.....
Jul 09 2011 19:16 GMT yvonNL
Geen idee van sommige Leuk zo,n verzameling en een hele mooie collage
Jul 09 2011 19:26 GMT loverboy
Jul 09 2011 19:31 GMT h43
This is fantastic Peter.
Jul 09 2011 21:31 GMT Ini
Een prachtige collage !!!!
Jul 10 2011 00:51 GMT T1MELESS PRO
This is one neat collage,well done.
Jul 10 2011 01:50 GMT MargNZ
Thank you Peter ... this is a very helpful list :))
Jul 10 2011 03:03 GMT junne PRO
nice collection, beautiful fonts of titles
Jul 10 2011 12:24 GMT sini
Great idea and collage!:)
Jul 10 2011 14:11 GMT clintonfolks
Jul 10 2011 14:17 GMT bandsix
A good idea Peter, I need to save it to favourites so that I can refer to it!
ps what about Foggydew's knocker club? !!
Jul 10 2011 16:27 GMT MJGhajar PRO
great idea!
Jul 10 2011 17:29 GMT elsje323
great idea and collage
Jul 10 2011 21:20 GMT Adamus
Wonderful collage.
Jul 11 2011 02:09 GMT Studio88
Jul 11 2011 02:49 GMT martini957
GREAT...I wasn't aware of some of the clubs
Jul 11 2011 07:14 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Great reference - I've learnt of many new clubs - thank you!
Jul 11 2011 08:37 GMT hans55 PRO
i never know there are this many clubs !!! :-))
Jul 11 2011 19:24 GMT senna3
Thank you Barbara! How could I forget the Knocker Club, not so long ago I did submit an entry myself!
Anyway I will add it in the caption!
Jul 11 2011 19:25 GMT senna3
Thank you all for the nice comments!
Jul 12 2011 11:14 GMT Papagena
A fantastic idea Peter to give us this tags' listing !! And moreover presented with a wonderful collage !! ;o))
Jul 12 2011 18:26 GMT senna3
Thank you Ruth!
Jul 26 2011 17:22 GMT LizSA
interesting club collage Peter. Interesting to know about Ruth's Dog Club..!!
Aug 18 2011 12:14 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Wow, Senna, I didn't know there were so many clubs.. Thanks.