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me and my cousin melissa being retards together :)
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 31 2006 18:06 GMT Jamie297
being special with mates is great :D
Happy New Year
Dec 31 2006 18:49 GMT bazer PRO
happy new year you take great photos thanks for sharing ;-];-]
Dec 31 2006 19:27 GMT IsmailShaheem
Happy New Year, Great pic, it shows action,I have 3 account in fotothing. Its hotday, poohbear and thsi account,main purpose is sending private message as much as I can, its just to get more friends and friends. asking what u think about my pics is not a problem.hey UR COUSIN LOOK GREAT, is she a photographer, pls tell my wishes and show her all my pic s in fotothing. have agreat day.
Dec 31 2006 19:40 GMT Ichthus1968
looks like fun. happy new year
Dec 31 2006 19:53 GMT saxophonegirl
yeah, she's into photography....
i might send her a link to ur stuff....
she's not a member on here tho...but i have told her about the website quite a few times.
Dec 31 2006 19:53 GMT candle07

heheheh, y are funny girls , have nice time there , , ,
Dec 31 2006 22:15 GMT saintnobody
its not funny to use that word you know
or to mock peoples disabiltys........

not very christian. lol.

have a wonderful new years sara with a "H"

Dec 31 2006 22:17 GMT saxophonegirl
ohh, i don't mean it that way......
i'll change it if u want.....
dude, come my church and then tell me what's not very christian.
all the people in my youth group are emo....

been thinkin bout what i said?

hope you have an awesome New Years too Sara without an "H"
Dec 31 2006 22:19 GMT saintnobody
im just breakin your balls

and im always thinking.

i heart ya
Jan 01 2007 02:37 GMT IsmailShaheem
********************** Dear All fotothing members*******************,members who added me as a friend and who give comments and give there view to my photos.JUst wants to say 3 words in one breath.

********* hAAPy ********* NEw******** YEaR

_____________Ismial Shaheem____________________

May there be fragrance of joy, Warmth of love, Glow of success to brighter your days,Todays and always************** Happy New Year.
Jan 01 2007 03:02 GMT krrish
happy new year
Jan 01 2007 03:21 GMT saxophonegirl
is it the new years where u live already?
it's still 2006 here....10:26 right now....
Jan 01 2007 06:35 GMT mp0255
Happy New Year, my friend, I wish you all the best
Jan 01 2007 11:19 GMT krrish
silly girl :)
Jan 02 2007 02:05 GMT IsmailShaheem
Hey Sarah, I think my local time is 10 hrs ahead of ur time. Normally early morning before me goiong to office me chking the fotothing about 0700am its your time 8 or 9 in your local time. Wish u a happy new year again.Ohh yes tell ur cousin join to fotothing.Fotothing is a kind of world with great friends of different views and also very friendly challenging enviroment the fotothing is. OK
Jan 02 2007 04:13 GMT FeatherBirdLady
Retards???? RETARDS??? How COULD you??!!! heheheeee....this is a cherished moment that you will most definitely look back on as you get older with great fondness.....either that or you'll ask yourselves: WHAT WERE WE THINKING??!!! hehehe
Jan 02 2007 04:24 GMT saxophonegirl
ha ha...same thing when we watch this movie- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5H7CL4snsE

that's me and my cousins...and the littlest with the glasses is my sister...
Jan 02 2007 04:40 GMT FeatherBirdLady
I won't be able to view it at the moment - You Tube and StupidVideos.com crash my computer.
Jan 02 2007 04:43 GMT saxophonegirl
aww, that sucks.....
well it's just us dancing and being stupid.....
Jan 02 2007 04:55 GMT FeatherBirdLady
LOL...aw, that's alright. Another time. I will save the link for later.
Jan 02 2007 15:31 GMT saxophonegirl
yeah...you probably do.....

Jan 05 2007 16:04 GMT krrish
Forgot to tell you you are 9 hours behind us.
Jan 05 2007 16:52 GMT saxophonegirl
i don't even kno where u live.....lol.....
Jan 29 2007 17:17 GMT sweetjane
this is fantastic!!!!!