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She's alone tonight,
With a bitter cup and,
She's undone tonight,
She's all used up,

She's been staring down the demons,
Who've been screaming she's just another so and so,
Another so and so

You are golden,
You are golden, Child

You are golden,
Don't let go,
Don't let go tonight

There's a fear that burns,
Like trash inside
And you're ashamed of the curse,
That burns your eyes

You've been hiding in your bedroom,
Hoping this isn't how the story has to go
It's not the way it goes, It's your book now,

You're Golden,
You are golden, Child

You are golden,
Don't let go,
Don't let go tonight

You're a lonely soul,
Inlet of broken hearts
You're far from home,
It's a perfect place to start

So this final verse,
Is a contradiction
And the more we learn,
The less we know

We've been talkin' about a feeling,
We both know inside but couldn't find the words
I couldn't write this verse,
I've seldom been so sure,
'bout anything before

You are Golden, Child

You are Golden,
Don't let go,
Don't let go tonight

-"Golden" by Switchfoot
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 17 2007 03:36 GMT nanstrom
Another great photo. The sepia coloring is perfect...Very well done.
Jan 17 2007 03:39 GMT YesHello
Jan 17 2007 12:47 GMT saxophonegirl
aww, why are you jealous? i have a crappy camera and i'm only 14......i have no life......what do you have to be jealous of?
you're a friend of debs, aren't you?
Jun 26 2007 16:08 GMT Jamie297
sepia was good choice :)
love the song