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that's me with Boss, my aunt's begal :)
oh, and i'm American, so don't let the British flag confuse you. I'm just a patriotic when it comes to my country....i gotta support our allies too though :)
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 02 2007 16:44 GMT genese
cute dog! looks great for those comfort hugs
Jan 02 2007 18:32 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Boss looks very happy!
Jan 03 2007 01:14 GMT candle07

COOOOOOOOOOOOL DOg and shot is nice , , ,
Jan 03 2007 01:35 GMT IsmailShaheem
Hello, Good morning, as usual first one hour in fotothing at early morning.
Great Boss, Boss feels boring cos u are lying and watching cartoon, he wants go to backyard and run or play.just he wants a colour ful Ball to play.Hey u didnt know what he is asking come to play...I know you are american.Be a great American. have a great day.
Jan 03 2007 01:36 GMT stuboy
& us British invented you lot :-))))))))
Jan 03 2007 01:54 GMT saxophonegirl
Jan 03 2007 01:56 GMT saxophonegirl
nah, i wasn't watchin cartoons......
i just woke up and boss came to visit me :)
the camera was right next to me so i took a pic of us....it was hard to get everything in....
i couldn't even figure out how to get anything to work on my uncle's tv......
Jan 03 2007 02:01 GMT stuboy
Without us you'd all be living in wigwams :-)))))))))

Hey, I'm only joking :-))))))))
Jan 03 2007 02:05 GMT saxophonegirl
....hmm....um without u guys we probably would be no where.......but before u guys were our allies, u were the ones who held us back....like in the revolutionary war when we broke off from u guys......
if u were alive back then, would u have cared that we wanted our independence?
Jan 03 2007 02:12 GMT stuboy
Independence day, the Boston tea party ?????
Isn't that when "us" British beat the French ??????
Or do I need to go back to school again to learn my history :(

Anyway, happy New Year XXXXX
Jan 03 2007 02:19 GMT saxophonegirl
hmm...... yeah "you" British lost to the French, and "us" patriot Americans because back then the French were actually our allies
ur right about Independence Day and the Boston Tea Party.....
Britain beat the French in the French and Indian war.....that was before the Patriots rebelled against Britain.
Jan 03 2007 02:24 GMT stuboy
We lost to the French ??????
What idiots we were back then :(
Funny how you all speak Engish now & not French :-)))))))
Hahahaha, I'm sure we won :-)
We let the French have Canada :-))))))))
We didn't want that anyway
Jan 03 2007 02:27 GMT saxophonegirl
lol...maybe i shouldn't have said what i just said.....LOL
Jan 03 2007 02:29 GMT saxophonegirl
Jan 03 2007 02:32 GMT stuboy
I'm going to throw a bucket of cold water on you.
Actually, I'm going to throw a bucket of cold water on me :-)))))
Jan 03 2007 15:29 GMT rock
cute dog!
Jan 16 2007 06:40 GMT sikobonden
Cool view. Very nice image!
Jan 16 2007 06:41 GMT sikobonden
Clever, stuboy. 'Invented' us. It's true. Your accents are why we Southerners have a 'drawl.'
May 27 2007 05:44 GMT rauul
does Boss have a passport?