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i got really bored. so i put my hat on Gingy....

in the musical we're doing at my school, we have 2 gingerbread man stuffed animal things and at the end of each rehearsal people get them who did good and the next day we have to carry it around and tell people about the musical (mrs. reynold's form of advertisement) so i got him on one of the days this week :)

i look like an idiot in this picture....lol...
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 04 2007 15:01 GMT saintnobody
your not a idiot


Feb 04 2007 19:31 GMT maguzz
haha ... that's great ... ;-)))
Feb 05 2007 00:16 GMT Ichthus1968
didn't your mother tell you not to scrunch your face like that? it could stick and you would look like that forever! lol
Feb 05 2007 03:09 GMT saxophonegirl
i do retarded stuff with my face all the time and so far my face hasn't stuck that way.
i'm just ugly cuz i was born this way.
Feb 05 2007 06:40 GMT candle07

Coooooooooooooool Saxophonegirl.
Feb 05 2007 23:25 GMT Ichthus1968
never ugly!! you are a beautiful girl
Feb 05 2007 23:44 GMT saxophonegirl
...i have hat hair in that pic....
thanks though :)
Feb 06 2007 02:24 GMT Ichthus1968
beauty comes from within and out the eyes.. has nothing to do with hair :)
Feb 06 2007 03:01 GMT saxophonegirl
i look like i'm retarded.
Feb 06 2007 15:24 GMT ButterflyShutterfly
...silly one! :))
Feb 06 2007 22:12 GMT Elise
hahaha nice and funny composition!