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moscow russia uzbekistan architecture oriental park pavillion exhibition lace


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Comments on this photo:

Oct 21 2005 20:17 GMT StavrosMoforis
Thank you for commenting on my work. Welcome to fotothing!
This is my favourite of the stars! I love the balance between golden and white!
Oct 21 2005 20:21 GMT santolina
Sas euharisto, kyrie Stavro! :)
Oct 21 2005 21:12 GMT StavrosMoforis
kyria moy, eimai goiteumenos kai ekpliktos! milate elinika? hairomai para poly gia tin gnorimia!
Oct 22 2005 05:04 GMT santolina
Kalimera sas! Euharisto poly, kyrie Stavro! :) Me lene Tatiana.Ti kanete?
Oct 22 2005 19:37 GMT RiverRabbit
Hmmm, sounds interesting, can any one join in here :)
Oct 24 2005 19:58 GMT santolina
I dare say, RiverRabbit, that some of us will join angels if behave properly :) Actually one can stand near it or take its pictures. Nowhere to join!..
Oct 24 2005 20:11 GMT will
Yes, this is beautiful, put mildly. I would love to stand near it looking up at it. Sometimes it seems amazing what people can do isn't it when they put their minds to it!! Just think if we could do great things like this in all aspects of this world we all share.
Oct 24 2005 20:55 GMT santolina
Yes, Will, it would be great! If virtually all people could put their minds (having it), souls, hearts, artistic vision, humanism, spirit and soul then: we'd have lots of art critics, hadn't defense ministers, had more ministers as such +, upbring our souls, kids and pets and generally be happy. Utopia, the early Utopians will envy us. Anyway, welcome to Moscow, I'll show you our old backyards of 100 and more years old - places rather unknown to Americas and thus probably interesting :)))
Oct 24 2005 22:17 GMT will
Dear Santolina, Thank you so much!! And how beautifully you are able to articulate your feelings...How interesting it is indeed. And so far as Americans go, I think you'd probably be surprised at how many of them would "jump" at the chance to see your beautiful City of Moscow and your great country. And how many people does it take to start a "revolution"? A revolution based on goodness, fairness, kindness, compassion, understanding, generosity, sharing, equality and love for each human being on our planet earth and then some...maybe only one such as yourself. I hereby empower you to go forth and I challege each of us at least to have an awareness of the great things we could accomplish and that we are not alone here, there is strength in numbers and that love and good deeds do not go unnoticed in our world. Positivism can defeat negativism just by a change of heart and a willingness to listen to each other instead of just talk, talk, talk to confuse the real issues that need to be acted upon before it is too late...Whewww!! Well, anyway don't be surprised if I take you up on your offer and show up someday at your door with my new digital camera that I ordered and should arrive this week hopefully!! I'm so excited!!! Please visit me and I'll try to put up some "new stuff" on my "site". I've kind of had to do a lot of recycling lately because my other camera is history and because of my operation I'm limited as to what I can do. But I'll be back. In the meantime I'll just peruse FT to look at all the wondrous images from all over our still beautiful world through the beautiful eyes of all our friends here on FT...Thanks Again My Friend...Take Care...
Oct 27 2005 14:36 GMT santolina
yes, will, i'm really heartily surprised since i used 2 work lots with ur compatriots back in 81-83 and was in love with the nation on a large scale level, save they were all higly educated university professors who menaged to travel 2 moscow through the infamous iron curtain. i cherish my memories but. i must confess u, i fleed from american hotornot since: 70% of my friends were marines, some gent asked me if the rus r allowed 2 keep pets (yes, they r), others were sweet up 2 the moment they learned were i'm from.they immediately stopped corresponding irregardably of their intellectual, financial or educational level. 0 being a racist somehow i continually failed 2 understand until was impelled 2 ask a 1/4 russian guy living in canada just y that happens. the answer was vry loving and finished with the words: i can'tknow, i'm from canada.and that's that.
revolution homeopathically is mercury, so u know freddy m's fate. we won't do that. i do yoga 0 2 get...sunk.it's a harsh world and as u guess i've seen a lot of politics hereabouts. ur position is now to help ur life and sanity by rus visa, or whatever u choose. it's 2 early 2 raise ur voice back where u r. will will have maaany nasty problems. we r experiencing here a couplemore of normal years and after that we could pack ur camera and my eyes and move 2 a free and democratic burma, by that time :) if i'm wrong, tell it, i'll be happy to agree with yah :))