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russia moscow exhibition farm animals cow heavy farmanimals looking white eye


It's cows that we are looking at today.
Farm exhibition in Moscow, early October.
I find that this cutie is a beauty. I love cows!
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 30 2005 15:34 GMT frommelxp
Great picture, didn't know you where interested in agriculture.
Oct 30 2005 16:03 GMT santolina
step 2: i did the same! ;)
Oct 30 2005 16:05 GMT charlotte
Oct 30 2005 16:07 GMT santolina
frommelxp, hope that'll help to pass brilliantly another bebo test in future: i adore agriculture, soils, fertilizers (i love their fragrance), farm animals with no exception, vet discourses with homeo colleagues, tractors and their details, and even sowers and grass mowers ;)
Oct 30 2005 16:08 GMT will
love cows too, pretty one...
Oct 30 2005 16:19 GMT charlotte
thanks! I love cows too
Oct 30 2005 16:56 GMT frommelxp
What does Barbara Bush do with her old cloths ?
She wears them !.....
Oct 30 2005 17:35 GMT grimp PRO
Thanks for visiting and commenting!
Oct 30 2005 19:40 GMT RiverRabbit
I know I said that I like milk in my Tea, but this is so nice :)
Oct 30 2005 19:48 GMT kosmos PRO
Yes, cows are nice. This one looks very sweet.
Oct 30 2005 20:10 GMT santolina
From: karenformehl
Oct 30 2005 16:46:22 GMT

¿Hablas Español? Casi no puedo creer... ;)

Non hablo Espanol muy bien. Hablo un poco, poco a poco :))
Oct 30 2005 20:12 GMT santolina
From: frommelxp
Oct 30 2005 16:38:50 GMT
Io qeurre mucho te invitar!

Muchos gracias, me tambien! :))
Oct 30 2005 20:19 GMT santolina
From: latif
Oct 30 2005 17:49:33 GMT
helaw hathhe al bagarah

na'am hathihi-l-baqaratu-l-baid'a jamilah jiddan :)
Oct 30 2005 20:27 GMT korni
Oct 30 2005 21:34 GMT karabela42
Moskova tarım fuarından izlenimlerin değil mi? güzel çalışmalar. Türkiyede tarım ve hayvancılıkta ciddi sorunlar var. Çok iyi fikir fotograflar teşekkürler
Oct 31 2005 14:40 GMT santolina
karabela42, bir sey degil! cok tasakkorler siznin cavap ocen :)