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russia moscow snow storm white weather winter snowstorm bleak trees oaktree


Les Conditions Meteo
Dear friends, I'm breaking the Oriental Moscow series on the occasion of fresh news: Big Ben in London, Unter den Linden in Berlin, snow in Moscow.These 5 pictures were taken this morning from my window. They are bleak because we're experiencing a minor snow storm.
Our old oak tree, its orange leaves still here, meeting its new wintertime.
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 26 2005 08:51 GMT Minz PRO
Awh Heck that means Winter is here!!!
Oct 26 2005 09:18 GMT RiverRabbit
A bleak winter scene, with tree's standing like sticks. Winter will cast her mantle giving greater contrast and subtle change :)
Oct 26 2005 10:22 GMT santolina
As Agatha Christie brilliantly put it:
-Heck! - said the Duchess.

This year winter stepped in with a snow storm.
Oct 26 2005 10:27 GMT santolina
Yep, Sir, contrast to dirty streets + ever dirty cars, as well as dramatic changes in temperature (-30C e.g., and -24C is no wonder, -8-12C is rather usual on a daily basis), blood pressure within risk groups, general mood and life style at large.What's curious,it'll be done and out in April only!
Oct 26 2005 11:40 GMT will
Cool shot, very!!!!! Weather too!! Stay warm!!:)
Oct 26 2005 12:47 GMT santolina
Thank you, Will! I sit in a barn and keep myself warm...but my suckling piglet of a son forgot to look left at his winter boots with the shoe spoon in the right one, moved front for him by his precautious mom and just put on his nubuk leather running shoes to whipe the snow on his way to University :(
Oct 26 2005 17:57 GMT a0000a PRO
unmistakably wintry shot
Oct 26 2005 22:58 GMT will
Well, boys will be boys, but I pray you'll keep snug:)
Oct 27 2005 14:17 GMT frommelxp
Great you're having snow allready, here it's like summer !
Oct 27 2005 16:02 GMT santolina
Great you have summer yet, M.Luc, here it's like winter :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
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