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sabre fencing sport


Hello and Hi, Buenos, Salut, Salam and Shalom, Sio and Goede Morgen, Guten Tag, Hej and Privet!

Great thanks to everyone having commented on StBasil's Cathederal, that's actually your comments that led me to the site again, just for a tiny while. )

That's your humble servant santolina in her new sport quality, absolutely mad this time about saber fencing. Santolina is holding an epee on the picture, though.

My epee fencing teacher's courtesy of taking the pic (illegally in the fitness club! :) ). I whish Julia all the Gold of the next Olympics.

There are several more photos taken in the fitness club in stock, hopefully they'll find their way to you ASAP.

Actually I'm just emotionally recovering after a family (my elderly parents) turmoil, so, gradually, step by step, if no new tornadoes prevent...will try to be with you back again, my dear lovely friends.

Thank you for being with me all the while! Love you much! xxx
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 22 2008 11:50 GMT kosmos PRO
It's great to see you again! I have been thinking of you from time to time. :)
I have not been a regular visitor to Fotothing myself, so I never saw your photos from May this year.
Good luck with the saber fencing! Take care!
Aug 22 2008 16:01 GMT RiverRabbit
Hey Santolina, you look like one serious lady!!! I sure hope you never Fence with me :-)
Sep 14 2008 21:35 GMT bennystr
Hello there my friend, I'm happy to see you whenever you choose to visit,
for a short while or for a long one, you're always welcome!
Nov 04 2008 11:26 GMT ArlenTavares
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Nov 07 2008 01:25 GMT aquiles PRO
LOVELY ILLEGAL PORTRAIT !!!!!!!!!!!!..I`M SO GLAD YOU“RE BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 10 2009 17:17 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Wow! Great portrait!
Apr 27 2011 19:33 GMT ot711
looks quite cool :)