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sieh was passiert ist
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 16 2007 08:48 GMT Mia87
you happen to be AWESOME!

this is O-R-I-G-I-N-A-L art.

It doesn't have to be nude to be beautiful.
And it it's nude,it doesnt mean it must be beautiful neither.
Mar 16 2007 09:12 GMT smuuuf
bon appetit ;) you deleted all your pics just to load em up again? :P
but it's a great one!!
Mar 16 2007 09:14 GMT saintnobody
ha ha ha smuuf
maybe i did


i havent taken pics for a week now about
long run for me

but i have a idea cookin now;)
Mar 16 2007 09:18 GMT marijke06
don't let it happen......just stop it....:)
Mar 16 2007 09:24 GMT acidlin
!! wow
Mar 16 2007 09:25 GMT bagiggio
Human pulp?
Mar 16 2007 09:55 GMT jolie
fab fave
meat series are back!!!
unique u
Mar 16 2007 10:13 GMT VinceHopson1
talking of cookin'....
that meat looks a little under-done.
Mar 16 2007 10:44 GMT Studio88
WOW!!! Talk of Tasteful Photos!!!
Mar 16 2007 11:13 GMT juanse
Wunderbar Aufbau, sehr fleischige Fotographie...sehr, sehr schon.
Mar 16 2007 12:36 GMT biggles
Intersting image Saint, I'm going to follow the eat while you shoot philosophy from now on...bacon and eggs seems like a nice idea.

Mar 16 2007 13:56 GMT saintnobody

im a odd duck

what can i say????????
Mar 16 2007 13:57 GMT saintnobody
i do my best :)
Mar 16 2007 13:57 GMT saintnobody
something like that
Mar 16 2007 14:02 GMT saintnobody

listen lake man

i know you dont think i make art

blah blah

i already said my views here

and dont wanna sit and defend my art

p.s. if you dont like dont look or comment

just go back to basking in your bitter life.
Mar 16 2007 15:36 GMT ldhill62
well done :))
Mar 16 2007 15:51 GMT Empty
Great piece...!!!!
It's the "odd ducks" that do great things and get remembered...:))

This is a good contrast shot...... "Life / Death" one from the other.....
Mar 16 2007 16:00 GMT saintnobody
ah well sorry that i was deffensive

no offense meant
im not here to argue or fight

but wow

chill out


Mar 16 2007 16:10 GMT saintnobody
thanks so much man

means a lot to me

Mar 16 2007 16:15 GMT saintnobody
Mar 16 2007 16:21 GMT Empty

And for the other stuff......I do it, we all do it at one time or another...they're just little manifestations of our own fears, pains and short commings being sent to another......Thats what amends and forgiveness is all about...
Well met :)
Mar 16 2007 16:44 GMT TRICKS4U
Your creative side is sure blooming here S....
Also enjoyed Lagwardia's comments as well....
Mar 16 2007 18:13 GMT Cattberry
Mar 16 2007 18:32 GMT saintnobody
what a nice way to put it thanks so much
Mar 16 2007 18:32 GMT saintnobody
he sure tells it like it is

thanks so much tricks
Mar 16 2007 18:33 GMT saintnobody
thanks empty

i want no ill will
we are all artist here and should stick with eachother

Mar 17 2007 01:09 GMT saintnobody
im interested

trying to hard to do what??????

what is your opinion why?

maybe there is a story to why i made such a pic.
besides me trying to hard
Mar 17 2007 07:05 GMT sikobonden
Appropriate follow-up to the pins. I like this one.
Mar 18 2007 12:27 GMT botticcelli
Mar 18 2007 14:01 GMT kinguksa
I think I'm gonna be a fan of your wors * I like them!!!
Mar 18 2007 16:44 GMT fotomark
very good
Mar 21 2007 20:46 GMT Windows2007
Raw Art....I like it u r a true explorer of art... keep the pictures coming please
Mar 22 2007 04:38 GMT Nightporter
An unusual piece of work ... simple in a way, but there are all sorts of metaphors that we could could come up with to explain this piece. Your work is always interesting and often thought-provoking. Not sure what this business is with lakeman, but keep posting your work and don't care what anybody thinks!
Mar 22 2007 05:09 GMT saintnobody
thanks sooo much

i really appreciate what you said

and for the last part of your comment

i refer to a tori amos quote


"assholes are cheap today

cheaper than yesturday

standing or sitting down

six pence or half a crown"


Apr 03 2007 03:11 GMT antics
You make meat look so good babe.
Apr 20 2007 11:34 GMT myeasy
one of my fav!