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a painting
of a pic

for dexter:)

this painting makes me almost want to start painting ag...

1796 views 2 people's favourite photo

a painting
of a pic

for dexter:)

this painting makes me almost want to start painting again

The flowers you gave me are rotting and still I refuse to throw them away
some of the bulbs never opened quite fully
they might so I'm waiting and staying awake
Things I have loved I'm allowed to keep
I'll never know if I go to sleep

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Comments on this photo:

Nov 28 2006 02:10 GMT saxophonegirl
hey, this is that one picture that you took a while ago that i REALLY liked :)
beautiful :)
you should paint all the time,
you're so talented :)
Nov 28 2006 02:35 GMT saintnobody
thanks so much
Nov 28 2006 02:35 GMT saintnobody
thank you thank you
Nov 28 2006 02:38 GMT jceca PRO
not great ...... amazing !!!!!!
especially because of the angle .... not easy at all !!!!!!!

fantastic work, girl !!!!!
Nov 28 2006 02:40 GMT saintnobody
awww thank you sooooooooooooo much jcecca you are very kind
Nov 28 2006 02:46 GMT Dexter697
thank thank saint, add my fav
Nov 28 2006 03:07 GMT Rocco
muy buena
Nov 28 2006 03:07 GMT elbeaver
This looks like a painting from a long time ago in the renaissance, very cool.
Nov 28 2006 03:12 GMT saintnobody
wow that is a wonderful compliment
thanks so much

i lost the painting though....somewhere
Nov 28 2006 03:12 GMT saintnobody
Nov 28 2006 03:22 GMT saintnobody
Usted es maravilloso. gracias
Nov 28 2006 06:20 GMT saintnobody
you are sweet though you ignore me .......
Nov 28 2006 07:49 GMT sikobonden
Awesome work! You're overflowing with talent. I love the subjects you choose. Your brainchildren are truly unique.
Nov 28 2006 08:25 GMT Hanneke
this is a wonderfull painting, and the lyrics fit perfectly! maybe you should start painting again?
Nov 28 2006 13:30 GMT saintnobody
wow thanks so much...

and i know that i should
i am blocked right now though fomr my paint brush

hard to explain
Nov 28 2006 13:49 GMT abojovna PRO
SOOO beautiful paint! I learn continual English, nice text! Thanks!
Nov 28 2006 13:50 GMT saintnobody
awww thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!:)
Nov 28 2006 15:08 GMT Hanneke
a sort of paintersblock, instead of a writersblock. hope you get out of it soon, beacause I like your work :)
Nov 28 2006 15:09 GMT charlotte
well done!
Nov 28 2006 15:50 GMT patraaey
Nice painting:)
Nov 28 2006 16:33 GMT botticcelli
Nov 28 2006 16:41 GMT luizroberto
a masterpiece. very significant.
Nov 28 2006 16:44 GMT saintnobody
thank you so much .........
im glad you see what it means
Nov 28 2006 20:14 GMT crewski
For so many reasons, this is one of your very best
Nov 28 2006 20:18 GMT saintnobody
thanks so much
Nov 29 2006 09:18 GMT saintnobody
Nov 29 2006 13:42 GMT NeiK
You can paint as well! Splendid work!