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Well she was an american girl
Raised on promises
She couldn't help thinkin that there
Was a little more to life
Somewhere else
After all it was a great big world
With lots of places to run to

And for one desperate moment there
He crept back in her memory
God it's so painful
Something that's so close
And still so far out of reach

american girl- Tom Petty .
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 21 2006 16:09 GMT Elise
god poem....great shot too!
Jun 21 2006 16:24 GMT 7deEngel
Sexy legs... Errr... I mean, Nice foto :)
Jun 21 2006 17:18 GMT XieL
Great shot ... I like BW ^^
Jun 21 2006 17:55 GMT saboytjie
very cool image !...great poem btw !
Jun 21 2006 18:01 GMT soldier
Hoppa... stunning!
Jun 21 2006 18:23 GMT amateurnight
Great exposure!
Jun 21 2006 18:32 GMT saintnobody
hey thanks!!!! this is actually a song.
and pretty damn accurate to how my heart feels right now.

Jun 21 2006 18:50 GMT crewski
It was'nt no way to carry on,
it was'nt no way to live
but he could put up with it for a little while
he was working on something big

Great shot by the way.
Jun 21 2006 19:11 GMT saintnobody
what is that from???
another tom song?
cuz i love that quote
and it also fits how my heart feels
cuz i feel like right now i am getting ready for something big to change my life.
and all this hard work will pay off

thanks !!!!!
Jun 21 2006 19:41 GMT antics
Great use of black and white Miss Sara.
Jun 21 2006 22:16 GMT crewski
Yes, another Tom Petty song, called 'Something Big'. It might be from the
Damn the Torpedos album
Jun 21 2006 22:29 GMT saintnobody
ill have to listen to it.
ive been getting into T.P. lately. my dad always liked his stuff.
but yeah, he knows what he is talkin bout.

Jun 22 2006 14:41 GMT crewski
The Tom Petty album is Hard Promises.
Regards, Crewski
Jun 23 2006 13:45 GMT JennyBean
very hot sara.
Jun 29 2006 07:16 GMT Bradley
Very sexy!!
Jun 29 2006 09:24 GMT CinnamonLikeMe
Very interesting imege:)
Jul 03 2006 04:40 GMT sikobonden
Expert image. Super composition and use of b&w. Contrast is perfect.
Jul 09 2006 07:47 GMT nocomments
nocomments :o)
Jul 18 2006 18:37 GMT myeasy
love it!
Jul 24 2006 21:43 GMT backstreets PRO
great in b&w...very sensual..like this one a lot !!
Oct 16 2006 23:33 GMT saintnobody
wow thanks
you are sure deeo in the archives!!
Nov 26 2006 21:49 GMT saintnobody
Nov 26 2006 21:49 GMT saintnobody
Nov 26 2006 21:49 GMT saintnobody
Nov 26 2006 21:49 GMT saintnobody
Feb 13 2007 02:56 GMT Maire
great song!!! tom petty rocks!
and what a cool shot! xx
Mar 29 2007 06:55 GMT saintnobody
you are hiding in my archive
Apr 26 2007 14:24 GMT Kolaia
Beautiful photo. I like angle and black/white.
Apr 26 2007 21:18 GMT saintnobody
you are hiding in my archive!
Jun 18 2007 16:46 GMT xa
that shot issimply perfect
Jun 18 2007 16:58 GMT obe07
Jul 25 2007 20:34 GMT LisaSam67
great first upload!
Aug 07 2007 08:54 GMT shutts777
Wow it took my breath away, and then I read the poem! I thought my shot of a pair of feet on the stairs was neat but ur a pro .. triffic!
Aug 07 2007 16:42 GMT saintnobody
wow thanks soooo much

Aug 07 2007 16:42 GMT saintnobody
wow thanks soooo much

Oct 17 2007 14:17 GMT Cassandra1
Really striking!
May 01 2009 11:04 GMT suorpaola