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hi guys, i`m saboytjie, gonna start a tips page... i got a book when i started taking photos...the book still helps me today and i hope it will help you too...

1. Format, your first choice is what shape to make the picture- horizontal or upright. here, the horizontal format allows the umbrella to fill the frame.

2.The background - should be an acting part of enery picture but not so strong that it detracts from the subject, simplicity....

3. The Subject - every pic needs a subject, with the child being slightly of centre the image is more dynamic than if the composition being symmetrical.

4. The foreground - fore grounds can contribute strongly, or distract from the subject: here, the photographer left out nearly all of the foreground to keep it simple...

lastly Viewpoint - whether you look up or down at your subject makes a big difference !

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Comments on this photo:

Jul 22 2006 10:36 GMT Mia87
hey that's soo cool what u made, mate:) It'll help us all :)

Jul 22 2006 23:08 GMT Minz PRO

Nice shot and information.
Jul 25 2006 16:00 GMT silep
Great! Anymore useful hints or tips for us??
Jul 25 2006 17:56 GMT saboytjie
ja...i just got so busy the last two days, check tom. !