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The girl sitting in the tree is called Asher. Her sister, Kim, is laughing!

I have known Asher since she was a baby. Her dad Andy died in a car accident when she was 10. She took her own life on the 20th December this year.

I always thought she would suit fairy wings...

I have had no heart for photography of late.
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 02 2008 18:21 GMT sini
so sad...I understand you had no heart for photography..
Jan 02 2008 18:22 GMT bennystr
I'm so sorry for your loss my friend, my condolences to the family.
May time offer you some relief.
Jan 02 2008 18:27 GMT aquiles PRO
Jan 02 2008 19:40 GMT Bellavista
Ohh... so sorry....
Jan 02 2008 21:14 GMT Richard1250 PRO
so sad story
Jan 02 2008 22:53 GMT suzannesmash
JUDE, this is hearbreaking. And in one way such a beautiful photograph..
breaks my heart to see her sitting there, so full of innocent life and the whole
future infront of her...and knowing what happend. Im so sorry for this Jude,
and I understand that you inspiration..not is with you these days.
Jan 02 2008 23:02 GMT Ro73
so sad...
Jan 03 2008 07:39 GMT stuboy
Sad, my cousin took his own life a few months ago.
We all have moments of despair but it's hard to imagine what must be going on in the minds of people who do this.

I just hope they find peace wherever they go.

Jan 03 2008 19:06 GMT Cooler PRO
Truly a sad story, Im so sorry for your loss my friend, but I hope this wonderful image will only bring you warm memories when time passes.

Jan 03 2008 20:39 GMT znacke
Sad to hear....
Jan 03 2008 21:02 GMT SamWiseWoahZay
What can someone say to something like this? Years ago, a very close friend of mine whom I had known for years took their own life. Friends of mine have died and have been killed in accidents in times passed, but when someone takes their own life it is a very sad and difficult thing for all concerned. As Stuboy said, let's hope she has found peace wherever she may be. My thoughts and sympathies are with you J. X
Jan 04 2008 23:21 GMT luckypenny
Oh wow, so sorry for your loss, no amount of words can ease the pain at the moment, my thoughts are with you I had somebody close that took their own life, it is not easy for the family and friends left behind.
Jan 05 2008 18:29 GMT marijke06
so sad........
this picture is such a nice memory!
Jan 07 2008 21:05 GMT kamilla
So sad! poor girl!

a beautiful photo with a sad history! :(
Jan 08 2008 03:34 GMT Ichthus1968
terribly sorry for your loss, what a photo
Jan 08 2008 15:40 GMT Cronos1
So much sorrow....
Jan 11 2008 16:14 GMT piskins72
so sorry to hear for your loss J, thoughts are with you as I know how it feels to loose somebody close.
Jan 13 2008 07:38 GMT MorpheusHH
Hi there [after this long time] :-D

Wonderfull, but one point I didn't like. The kid in the front.
Jan 13 2008 22:03 GMT rosyapple PRO
She is part of the story...
Jan 13 2008 22:20 GMT mariolina
yes...she's flying. Blue skies can see her fairy wings.
Jan 14 2008 20:31 GMT EuCarlosFilipe
A big Hug from me.........I m sad for you too!!!
Jan 16 2008 12:40 GMT ashdad PRO
So sad My thoughts are with you
Jan 18 2008 16:41 GMT suzannesmash
ROSY, im so glad to see you here now..I thought of You today, and
Ive been missing You! I hope you feel better..
Jan 20 2008 12:49 GMT caferr
wonderful shot...
Jul 13 2008 18:19 GMT aquiles PRO
como en un bello cuento...tale !!!!!!!!!!
Jan 10 2010 11:56 GMT karinmadrid
Apr 13 2014 09:35 GMT jmcdh
Beautiful image