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Kes passed away on Friday 24th February after a long illness. She was my fabulous companion and I am quite lost without her.

"And I will close my eagle eyes,
Hang up my skin to dry."
The Leisure Society


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Comments on this photo:

Mar 02 2012 20:59 GMT saffi9
great picture of her
Mar 02 2012 21:21 GMT Annamaria
I am so sorry for your loss!! Keep the memories of her alive!! She was a beauty and this is a great shot of her!!
Mar 02 2012 22:13 GMT Bellavista
So sorry Jude, she was so beautiful and clever! She is living forever in our heart!
Mar 02 2012 22:18 GMT hans55 PRO
so sad to hear this .... remember the good times you had with her !!
our Binkie is 13 years old now ... can't imagine life without him !!
Mar 03 2012 06:07 GMT sini
Beautiful portrait to remember her!:)
Mar 03 2012 09:34 GMT Lie
Very sad to loss this beauty.....
I can inmagen you are sad.....live witout is dificult...
Mar 03 2012 10:22 GMT choices
Have a wonderful new journey, Kes, we're glad we've somehow been a part of this one :)

*sending a strong hug to Jude*
Mar 03 2012 16:49 GMT peterpinhole
A beautiful portrait of her....sorry to hear of your loss of a good friend and companion.
Mar 04 2012 10:46 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Sorry to hear your news Jude - my thoughts are with you.
Mar 04 2012 16:54 GMT pauli3522
i really so sorry for your lost....just think about the nice times that you shared with her and how happy she was by your side..she must be very thankful for all the love that you gave her.....
Mar 05 2012 08:55 GMT ian51
I agree with pauli3522.....you gave her a wonderful life Jude and be happy with all the happy hours you spent with her:)
Mar 07 2012 19:34 GMT Cooler PRO
So sad to hear dear Judy but a beautiful picture to remember her.
Mar 15 2012 15:48 GMT GeoffReeves
Sorry Jude..
Mar 19 2012 08:08 GMT Tavascarow
It's always sad when the creatures we choose to share our lives live shorter lives than us. But you know the life she had was the best, & that should be remembered.

Mar 26 2012 18:15 GMT Kaska
I only read this now.
I know how sad it is for you. Kes and you had a good life together.
keep strong.
Apr 06 2012 19:00 GMT Studio88
Our Condolences..We know the Joy and Sadness of having a Dog.
We're just reading this :-(
Apr 06 2012 19:06 GMT rosyapple PRO
Thanks Howard and Cindy. I am still heavy of heart over her passing. She was so poorly towards the end so we had to let her go but she was one special animal and I miss her sorely.
Apr 06 2012 19:21 GMT marijke06
that was a great elegant dog....keep strong...
Apr 06 2012 19:29 GMT rosyapple PRO
Thanks Marijke!
Apr 06 2012 19:29 GMT rosyapple PRO
Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts. You are all such lovely people x