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Largest Freshwater Bass I have caught to date


16 lbs. 6 ounces.
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 16 2007 04:39 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Braggart! (You didn't 'guesstimate' the weight, did you? You must have found a scale with a rusty spring.) My biggest weighed just a little more than half that! But then, mine was not Florida strain anemic-white, artificially fattened bigmouths gorging on planted trout in big clearwater ponds of California...mine was green/yellow from the vegetation/blowdown choked natural habitat of the northern largemouth (Micropterus Salmoides) in the muddy ponds of Maryland. Damn, though--what a fish...when we going fishing??? Did you use shad-colored hand grenades? (they're common in Florida)
Sep 16 2007 04:54 GMT roncarlin PRO
This fish was weighed in at Castaic Lake. I caught it behind the Island in the Sky Arm. There is a saddle in the point that runs from the Island that the fish like to hold in. I was fishing with a friend Bill Todd. He and I fished big fish together for several years. I was lucky enough to catch at least one fish over 10 lbs. several year in a row. We usually tried to fish Castiac (before the strippers populated the lake), Lake Isabella, Lake Wofford, Lake Casitas (my personal favorate) and beleive it or not a little lake in San Dimas called Lake Puddingstone. I usually fished for the Big guys between November and March with crawdads in off shore structure. Perris and Silverwood lake have also yeild 10 lb. fish for me. A friend of mine Lee Garringer caught a 16 lb Bass out of my boat a few years ago from Lake Perris on a Brown and Purple 8 in. Plastic worm. I mounted both my first 10 pounder and the 16, which I gave to my cousin who lives in Lakewood. He set up a office in his home and he loves fishing so I let him have it. We don't have room for it.
ron C
Sep 16 2007 05:09 GMT PhotoPro PRO
that's impressive Ron!!
Sep 16 2007 05:13 GMT martini957
lol....I see you caught something...keep casting
Sep 16 2007 06:41 GMT Hamin PRO
Congrats !!! I'm an angler myself ! beautiful pic !
Oct 11 2007 04:09 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Back to see the beautiful fish---and it really is. I hope you took my first post with a grain of (jealous) salt..
Oct 16 2007 07:23 GMT roncarlin PRO
Jim, You can't bother me when you disagree. I have caught so many big fish over the last 45 years, I enjoy still putting a bigh one in the boat from time to time, but relaxing is my key goal. I don't compete with anyone but myself.
By the way, I am sorry I haven't been on line lately, on 10/10 I went to the hospital and just got out 10/15. I've been a sick little puppy. I will try to be can up and active as soon as possible, but will have to get well first.
ron c