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Beeb Bleeb! Let me show you my house! I am relaxing right now...Bleeb beeb! Join me..! Beeb!



Beeb Bleeb! Let me show you my house! I am relaxing right now...Bleeb beeb! Join me..! Beeb!

you wanna be my friend? Bleeb! Bleeb!! I wanna be your bleeb bleeb friend!
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 12 2005 16:11 GMT montello
cool Roboman!!!! your my friend! I relax with you!!! Beeb!
Apr 12 2005 16:16 GMT charlotte
BEEB!!! Relax! Beeb! I a m your friend Roby!
Apr 12 2005 16:52 GMT cesinha
cool beep house! beep! ;)
Apr 12 2005 18:00 GMT HMBPA PRO
Beeb, Beeb good place to chill out Beeb!
Apr 12 2005 18:59 GMT RogueSlayer
Nica place!
That sofa looks really confy!
Apr 12 2005 19:05 GMT AlyonTstallion
I think you might have a couple screws loose...but you do have a cool place...are you feeling ok?? need some oil?? you look a litte pale today...well roboman keep up the cool pix!!!!!
Apr 12 2005 19:22 GMT lovekills
very cool ;]
Apr 12 2005 19:36 GMT buster
so spotless, it just gleams. nice. dance on, beepster.
Apr 12 2005 19:40 GMT hasnoend
i wanna be your beeb beeb friend ok ?
nice pic!
kiss ;**
you´re add ! ;D
Apr 12 2005 20:05 GMT freaky
thats so cool!! \o/
a just love it ^^
Apr 12 2005 20:25 GMT KingJ
Beeb, beeb, I go to sofa...beeb, bleeb....
Apr 12 2005 20:53 GMT 0h
Good bleed composition
Apr 12 2005 21:02 GMT HappyPlums
nice living room set can i come over for tea?
Apr 12 2005 21:29 GMT kinetica
Apr 12 2005 22:22 GMT ummm411
I'LL JOIN U !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apr 12 2005 23:06 GMT wishes
I want to bee your "bleeb bleeb" friend!
Do you want to be my friend too?
Great shot. :D

Apr 13 2005 02:11 GMT lw100
a very modern interior, I am impressed
Apr 13 2005 04:22 GMT fhelsing PRO
Nice place!