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*If you reveal your secrets to the wind you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees.”
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 24 2008 14:40 GMT AdrienM
j'aime beaucoup la sitation, Bienvenue sur FT

Jun 24 2008 16:23 GMT leoarcov
nice citation

nice photo!
Jun 24 2008 19:19 GMT Elise
excellent shot...love the blur!
Jun 25 2008 05:17 GMT larrybenedict
Of the winds of the four directions, to which would you reveal your secrets? There is more than one door... EAST is the direction of air, dawn, spring, mind, illumination and new beginnings. East is represented by eagle. Eagle's medicine is freedom; freedom to fly above ignorance and see with greater perspective, It is often called the golden door or the window between the great spirit and this world. Its colors are golds and pastels.
WEST is the direction of water, dusk, fall, maturing, wisdom, introspection and courage. It is the void where future lives. West is the dark cave of the bear and the deep ocean of the whale. Its colors are blacks, blues, sea greens and purple. the answers to life come from the west, teaching us that when we learn to be still like bear, the power to find our own answers will come.
SOUTH is the direction of fire, noon, summer, childhood and the spark of spirit. Its colors are fiery reds, oranges, and magenta. Different tribes have varying animal interpretations of this direction; coyote, wolf, mouse and porcupine to name a few. This is the direction of childhood and its lessons. It is said that in the presence of fire no negativity can exist. It is in this direction the road to innocence and purity are re found.
NORTH is the direction of earth, winter, midnight and silence. it is the sacred place of elders, the horned animals, the Star kingdoms and the great white buffalo, bringer of the pipe and keeper of the mysteries. Its colors are white, browns and greens. It is the direction of the forests, trees, mountains and rocks. To be attracted to north is to be connected to the earth at the place where the medicine wheel to the stars begins.
Feb 15 2010 19:48 GMT Admin66
Fantastic shot !