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A critter has been destroying tomatoes and the plants too, I think it is a coon, but this is all that I have managed to catch.
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 19 2012 03:44 GMT fhelsing PRO
sweet, but a pest, too ......
Jul 19 2012 04:04 GMT junne PRO
coons you trap with marshmallows but be careful skunks like them too. to keep them out you have to put the trap where it takes climbing to get to it. you sure it is not actually deer that destroy your garden ? they eat tomato plants, roses, young apple trees you name it.
Jul 19 2012 08:07 GMT bandsix
sweet little bunny...it's so annoying losing plants and veg, but then, bunnies like to eat, too.....
Jul 19 2012 13:14 GMT martini957
Awww...bless his little ole bunny rabbit heart....I have the same problem with critters coming to feast...in fact I started planting more in hopes that they'd leave me a bit : ))
Jul 19 2012 17:55 GMT senna3
It looks so innocent!
Jul 19 2012 21:04 GMT wijnie58
I agree with Peter, Jo...Very nice shot..:-))
Jul 21 2012 20:24 GMT pauli3522
Jul 22 2012 02:18 GMT potterjo
junne, thanks for the hint, the next thing i caught was a turtle LOL, haven't had any more damage so have given up trapping for now. we have plenty of dear but so far the electric fence is keeping them out. Don't know how long before they decide to brave it as we are in a severe drought.
Jul 22 2012 18:55 GMT larrybenedict
My guess is deer, since I've had trouble with them eating my tomato plants and peppers too, but a raccoon will eat tomatoes too! The turtle will eat a tomato, but not the plant. I don't think rabbits will eat tomato plants, but they might!!!

I read a hint in Mother Earth News last year about keeping deer out of a garden: build a visible fence around your garden and 4 or 5 feet from the visible fence, put up the electric fence. Deer don't always see an electric fence, but will walk into it on the way to the visible fence. I have no first hand experience with this method. I'm thinking a second wire closer to the ground to keep out raccoons would be a good idea too, especially if you have corn in your garden.