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MOBBY - Playing With Morn
in full with all the glory of Life
starting with a grandiosity of might
milky way lighted way or just a way
row row around the global EX-files
Hello Morn, I'm home, may we play
***************************************** ;>).

**** Sept 13 2013
********************* CHALLENGE (3/4)
1. *This is my Challenge for the Internet. Come Beat me, anyone?

*SOLE-Condition: -Write down your own Idea by your own Hand.
-That's what Blogs are for.
-Now you got the golden chance to show the World your Senses.
-Can You Make Sense? Do you know what that means, at least?

... that when one can't make Sense one will sure make Nonsense?
... that The Prime Sense in Human is to contact God?
*Pray to God that you know. You would know these essential facts IF you read our numerous Sages, I did that all over my first phase of life (50 years) -then there comes Internet as the only chance for me to speak out my deepest ideas to show the True-Me that I just CANNOT do without. In fact it's Internet that gives me that chance To Know of Myself via my writing. And I intend to keep doing that now Just For Fun.
*Do I Break any laws with that? Absolutely NOT.

*********************** HEART of DARKNESS (4/4)
*Then why they keep making trouble?
Simply because it's their fate. They just can't do otherwise.
************** What they can't realize is this is just for fun, no one can be
black-mailed by threat of killing a fun. If I cannot write with a computer I
ALWAYS can write with notebooks - For Fun. See, sored-assholes?
************** You must be a disgrace for Satan your only Hope, onlythat
I don't believe He need any useless assistants. Please remember the
power He been Given, or refer with the Bible for that crucial Fact.
*************** PLAYERS DO NOT FRET
*I've said they are a disgrace, most of all to Satan whom they worship.
*NOW -just imagine what happens when Satan feel Rage with you,
*Good-Luck, Legion of Darkness! I Won't Cry for You, NEVER - ;>).
******************************************************************************** ~ FIN ~
(Pic: I'm At Home - I'm OK)
****************************** ;>).

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