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~~~~[ Acknowledgement ]~~~~
***************************************** WHAT OF GOD
To me everyday I live is God's Day
All what I Am I owe to Him -and so,
I attribute all what-is-me to the moral,
intellectual and physical education
I've received from My Creator.
***************************************** Should Be God's
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Comments on this photo:

May 11 2013 05:23 GMT porph
All the adjectives belong to the Cause, Hunju
I just play along... ;>).
May 17 2013 19:48 GMT gtc126
Beautiful Words and Interesting Capture. You are right everything we owe to Jesus Christ Who died for our sins, and Loves us so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 18 2013 02:18 GMT porph
To tell the truth I never think he or anyone should and could die for my sins, if any. I mean we don't commit sins to God but to our life as their sole victim.
May 19 2013 03:52 GMT gtc126
When David Sinned commiting adultery with Bathsheba and killing her husband Uriah.
David confessed his sin to God..Against thee and thee alone have I sinned. Psalms 51.
Yes Jesus, God in the flesh had no sin, but he chose to pay for the whole worlds sin.
When Adam and Eve sinned, they were the head of the human race when they sinned that made everyone sinners. Please read 1 Cor 15 pay attention to verses21-22.
May 19 2013 07:28 GMT porph
You really mean I have no right to think for myself with my own ideas, gtc?
I don't read Bibles that much, but I do believe God is more democrasy than anyone else about Human Right, sir... ;>)))).