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**** Sept 13 2013
********************* OF LIGHT and SPEECH (2/4)
Ref-a. "This is the world of light and speech..." ~ George Eliot ~
Ref-b. “hãy nói về cuộc đời - khi ta không còn nữa…” (nhạc-vàng)
********** Vậy thì ai sẽ làm cái vụ Nói này hở giời?
********** Why man always Too Late? -It's man's fate?
********** Anyway that's why I'm always 20 years sooner than needed
********** Now at 61 I'm so ready for my 122th year of age alive or dead, and that's certainly my so useful Merit here and now
********** In fact one needs at least 100 years to write all what I've ever written here on the Net in 10 years. My bid of 10 gold coins taken from Christ has got me at least a nine-time profit. What should I want for more?
*********** THANK GOD - I LOVE U
********************************************* ;>).
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 02 2013 04:33 GMT gtc126
Great Light and Reflection Series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 02 2013 05:59 GMT saffi9
very reflective
Aug 02 2013 14:25 GMT GeoffReeves
Aug 03 2013 03:58 GMT porph
Intimate can be imitate