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"Right action is freedom
From past and future also"
******************************** ~ T. S. Eliot ~

Hello Freedom - I Want You
******************************** ;>).

I. *Education, good one, isn't like you go ignore it till 30 and then go buy a certificate to get a good job in government. It's a long story job that starting with all your childhood, then with all your younghood and manhood, then if it's real good it's the job of your whole life, but this is rare (we seldom have time for this sort of patience).
*Of course I don't like you, because 1) I don't know you and 2) by the way you act I guess that you are like a penis after a dose of viagra, or a middle female who got very upset with her surgical investment gone bankrupt, or both, and I know I'm right at least 50% of the guessing.
*Don't laugh, for I firmly believe that with such guessing habit I somehow have made a rare escapade in our history. You need to be a few Rod Serlings at a same time to make your day complete in 3 dimensions, no?
*And what important is you definitely need God for the 4th one, that's what means with all my barvarder you might see around. This dimension is simple just his breath blowing into mud or clay to give life, as story tells when I was 5 (and I do believe in that story).

II. "Given the choice between two theories, take the one which is funnier." ~ "Blore's Razor" (Author unknown) ~
*I got a few times where I had to choose one out of two very equal chances, and so my choice was always the third one. Isn't that much funnier of my own making? Hehe... I burst into laughs even now in retrospecting. My life actually is the greatest Fun I have.
*It's all about Fair (play) and Just (good judgment). You play fair because it's your honor, and your sharp mind does the rest -either for fun or for misery all depending on that bright judgement to make choice. Of course I always choose the best for me, and God know that the way the best falls into me (to choose) is all incidentally.
*Yes, Mr. Vidal, before we "think" of something we must "know" it first. People our time get confuse over those two primely vital acts, and what disastrous is they take priority on "doing" the thing they want without "knowing" it thoroughly. That's why the frequent expression of "if only I Knew". That's even not the honor of original stupidity, that's the shame of stupidity repeated.
*No, first you must take the basic commonsense that is accepted anywhere at anytime to be Your Basis. Many fail right there, the easiest way of all to live ordinarily. Just remember my words.
*And what makes them unable to feel for this all time Basis? They see it as primitive, out of fashion. And see what their fashion bring them? Walking deads that go hully-gully and call it hip-hop via LSD.
*No, juicy babies! You are exactly what I intended to avoid for my kids 30-40 years ago. Being a kid once I do know how it's hard for parents to make one go the right way, believe me, and for the process of self-readjusting I really have no time for that.
*You must be good to have good kids -because their goodness, if any, definitely comes from you first of all.
*I dunno how those parents feel seeing their kids selling themselves to make good in the industry. Must be hard. Must be very bitter. But I often doubt of their feeling, those mud-heads. Of course it's despicable to me. Sad? No, it's their free choice, remember? And I'm never that stupid heart for theatre, I assure you all.

III. "Don't ever make the mistake with people like me thinking we are looking for heroes. There aren't any and if there were, they would be killed immediately. I'm never surprised by bad behaviour. I expect it."
~ Gore Vidal ~
*See how he speaks my mind? Whenever I read something like this I believe in the mind-work: I thought of that before I read him, so when I read the same idea from him I feel the joy, and if a strange gentleman can say something familiar I think I can too, too many other strangers who I don't need to know just like Mr. Vidal doesn't need to know me or any of his readers either, but when we think of the same thing it links our individual minds and that's enough to feel our common fellowship.
*And since I read alot just imagine how the joy is. It makes my self-confidence for one. How can I be wrong with many great ones thinking the same as well? I even feel I got the whole world with my being, and that actually helps me to grow (bigger than I ever hope), one day when I suddenly discover my big ass, hehe... And that is when I believe I get in with that other Plan I didn't make or ask for.
It's just there.
*And since I live the way a good book might had it got a life I think that confuses a great many who know me, plus the way I speak which is totally like myself it gets them confuse some more so the best way for both them and me to be safe from one another is our un-corresponding. I believe it's a cute way, maybe the cutest I can think of for now. We have to accept the way our status happen to go in different systems, me with the books and you with the real-life, that's all. Don't blame me if I trust good books, they are obviously very wise, aren't they? In fact I trust their existence much more than some real people I know.

IV. *I am sure speaking without thinking is an extravagance -very expensive one, because to speak that way safely without bothering if it's right or not to all the rules you have to invest a lot of "life" into practicing it first, both yours and your trainers'.
*Believe me, a great pious son or daughter not borne out from nothing or no time but from a hardship of tens of years in careful preparation with heart and mind.
"Let Law be the Flesh
Poetry'll be the Breath"
********************************(Hello October)
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