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@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ {-Head Over Tail-} @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

************************************************** IN WHAT MEN TRUST (?)
"-In God We Trust- ? It is simple, direct, gracefully phrased:
it always sounds well ? In God We Trust. I don't believe it would sound
any better if it were true. And in a measure it is true. " ~ Mark Twain ~
1. IN My MEASURE: -*I still remember well on how I felt very amused in my early teenage of the fact that such a honorable motto is on each bill of the great Dollar everyone wants around the world included me of course? I was actually astounded by such a very big fact about such a very big country ?the most powerful one on earth at least then. Maybe my big-love for Life has somehow started with that big fact too, among the country?s many noble sons like Jefferson the founding father or that playboy-looking young president that was loved by many even before his ugly death. It?s ugly because he was assassinated by one of his own citizens to be another big fact about the USA too, a very contrasting one to the first -I was just eleven then and "that" must be very confusing for such a young mind. Then later I know that America had also done that to another -sure bigger- president of its too, back in the Civil-War. How come men trust God and then go kill their fellows that easy, their own brilliant-fellows and not any foreign "terrorists"?

2. IN me I TRUST: -*I know it's a sort of question men don't wanna hear, let alone be asked, and the simple reason is that they cannot have a proper answer for it besides the boring expression of "long-story"... They have decided that Life is much more complicate, too complicate to have any simple easy answers and so it just stuck there unsolvable. And me, at eleven or sixteen or sixty, I refuse to be as stuck. It's boring and so not a bit interesting for me to be stuck there with my whole life, and I feel that I'm deserved an answer, just a simple easy answer like the way they solve their problem with a bang from a gun: I will go look for it by myself. That's all, and why not? Who can stop me reading that "long story" on my own?
*In fact there's on this earth no road leads to nowhere and as long as there's aroad made there's a destination unless you go astray into a jungle of darkness, and then it still can lead you to its heart (of darkness) like they sometimes say themselves, a sort of destination I never want. And the effect is whenever I see a potential heart of darkness shows itself up from afar I immediately change course. Who can stop me doing that either? It's my life man, and though it's tiny it stays mine to take good care of: no one absolutely can stop me from that and that becomes my little truth to share with whoever may concern.

3. IN HISTORY I TRUST: -* There's at least one unit of mighty Life to give sure concern of that and it's my guiding angel -since it's his duty from God, my God. That's the first detail of the very long history that I trust besides the troubling "long story" of men. Any questions? Oh, it's just a nice detail I got from old kungfu stories that any great masters will prepare some special way of protection for a student who gonna get down the mountain to go into the marketplace full of risk down there, often with a special familial treasure gift like an ancient sword or a formula for swording, etc... My angel actually is that sword to protect me on my way to the first class, hehe... just tell me why not? At least because anything that relates to an angel can't be bad, man! It must be from the 1st-class up, UP, never can be down with him angel. By the way I don't like that idea of "fallen-angel", it's very contrasting to my faith in God, definitely so. My God is absolutely even above perfection, the common perfection men can think of just to be very easy penetrated by them.
*With that in mind what left is just go and check with history to see who is an angel with a sword in hands, the result is of course the great Michael -if you read Bibles. And my first crucial decision has been made: He's My Angel -just tell me the reason of why not if you can (which I doubt). BTW: He is famous for bringing brilliant men off-prison, or at least famous to my reading. Now tell me with such a knight(mare) what fallen-thing would dare to attack me? He officially is an Arch-Angel, man, not just a so-so angel of no name, see my depth of eleven? ~ :D ~

4. IN ME I TRUST GOD: -**And from where such depth comes from and with that early? From my God of course, who else? I have said that anything I got I got from God, have I not? That's called FAITH, man, and I believe you better don't touch "that" of anyone or heads will roll or at least blood will shed, that's all. Why? Because Faith is the center of man, like a heart to a body, and I know that it's a fact you non-believers just can't grasp, but give it a try. It's anyway like your purse for money no one should touch -yeah -That's It, Michael... (May God Bless you-Ben!)
*And why the easy-confusing small-title above? OH- it's just a child game: -I just don't trust God for anyone else but ME, not for even my late father who wanted me to be a nun with all his might in the summer of 1968 when I was just 16 and just lost my mom, the main reason he wanted to shift me safely into a nun-house. NO, I either don't trust God like a nun but like ME, totally me. And I believe that is the only way (of trust) that pleases him most -you are whatever you are as you are- and this I know is the second big disastrous fact for non-believers to grasp too, but sorry I don't trust God for them either, just for me -my Ass, if that pleases you!
*You want a proof for that fact that he please with my brilliant POV? It's the Sword sending, man, to protect my risky Ass, no? Hehe... i believe it's a YUP-approval for me to go my stylish way, hehe... At least it's new, and that has become my privilege so far. Another smaller proof is I could be an official singer right at that brilliant 11th year of age to play one of my hobbies with enough fanfare any singers want in my hometown, also as easy as eating a piece of cake. In the same year my first writing was printed with a big Christian weekly-paper and that joy broken only when I was put into that nun-house, but my singing career kept on until I left for SG to fall in love with a real big professional singer there hehe... It's my Life -with all the Joy one can receive out of Grace! What you need more for any other proof?

*Extra - IN TRUST I TRUST: -*That is when one successfully sneaks back into Eden, not the one that is so-so described in the old Book but the real one. It's real because you can sense it with all your senses to know that it's right there with you waiting for the curtain to be removed all by your will. You sense it because then you are like a drop of water that's already found home, the great ocean of Life where all sorts of fish is there never in lack. It's like you can breathe within the vast breath of Life because it is the way it is, simple with simple logic of breathing. Who can say breathing is not simple? And that is living, should have been living if you aren't stuck with anything as big and complicate as that troubling "long stoty" of yours. I don't like troubles and especially that stuck-trouble because it goes contrasting to my faith in God and the beautiful and joyous Life he create, definitely so. The choice has been made long ago and still stay mine nothing can change -Amen.
*BONUS: Ai c?ng c ci t?t v ci x?u (nhn v th?p ton) v ??y l chuy?n bnh th??ng khng c g ?ng ni, nh?ng ci T?t-nh?t (m c?ng c th? tr? thnh ci X?u-nh?t) th nh? m?t kh? n?ng ?n bn trong c?n ph?i c nh?ng ?i?u ki?n ?? chn mu?i v c? h?i ?? pht ti?t, m?t trong nh?ng ?i?u ki?n ?? chn mu?i l c? h?i ti?p c?n (?? pht ti?t) ph?i ??n ???c t? Thin-nhin -v?n lun b? ph v? do tc ??ng v?i v c?a con ng??i v?i d?ng th??ng khng t?t (Adam's Apple Effect) trong khi Thin-nhin th lun bi?t mnh nn lm g cho hi ha. C m?t ?i?u con ng??i ho?c khng bi?t ho?c xem th??ng l h? khng th? s?ng m khng d?a vo s? hi ha ? c?a Thin-nhin -m ci T?t nh?t c?a m?t ng??i l ?? tm vo ??y nh? ??a con l?u l?c tr? v? nh.
*Thin-nhin ch? tc ??ng ln m?t ng??i khi h? cn thu?n khi?t gi?ng nh? ta ch? u?ng t? m?t ci ly S?ch v?y, cn r??u hay n??c ch?a ??ng bn trong l tinh hoa s? c c?a ng??i ?y b?t ??u b?ng tri th?c. Tri th?c thng th??ng l v?n ki?n th?c l?y ???c t? cu?c s?ng m s? lm nn tinh hoa t?c ??c ch?t c?a ng??i ?y ?? pht ti?t hay th?ng hoa nh? m?t n? hoa ??i s? n? ra trn cy ??i v?y, v nh? m?t Bonus cho c? hai. ~ To Menzi ~

Ajack To Sunshine:
********************** "Success is when you know you're licked before you begin,
but you begin anyway and see it through no matter what." ~ To One-BIRD ~
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 12 2013 06:07 GMT porph
Ai cũng có cái tốt và cái xấu (nhân vô thập toàn) và đấy là chuyện bình thường không có gì đáng nói, nhưng cái Tốt-nhất (mà cũng có thể trở thành cái Xấu-nhất) thì như một khả năng ẩn bên trong cần phải có những điều kiện để chín muồi và cơ hội để phát tiết, một trong những điều kiện để chín muồi là cơ hội tiếp cận (để phát tiết) phải đến được từ Thiên-nhiên -vốn luôn bị phá vỡ do tác động vội vã của con người với dụng ý thường không tốt (Adam's Apple Effect) trong khi Thiên-nhiên thì luôn biết mình nên làm gì cho hài hòa. Có một điều con người hoặc không biết hoặc xem thường là họ không thể sống mà không dựa vào sự hài hòa đó của Thiên-nhiên -mà cái Tốt nhất của một người là để tìm vào đấy như đứa con lưu lạc trở về nhà.
*Thiên-nhiên chỉ tác động lên một người khi họ còn thuần khiết giống như ta chỉ uống từ một cái ly Sạch vậy, còn rượu hay nước chứa đựng bên trong là tinh hoa sẽ có của người ấy bắt đầu bằng tri thức. Tri thức thông thường là vốn kiến thức lấy được từ cuộc sống mà sẽ làm nên tinh hoa tức đặc chất của người ấy để phát tiết hay thăng hoa –như một nụ hoa đời sẽ nở ra trên cây đời vậy, và như một Bonus cho cả hai. ~ To Menzi ~
Jul 12 2013 06:08 GMT porph
See how they make trouble to me? hehe, who needs more proofs?
Jul 13 2013 01:11 GMT porph
*Cuối cùng thì Thiên-nhiên là gì? Là Tự-nhiên do Chúa tạo ra thuở ban đầu -hay Hạo Nhiên theo đức Khổng-tử, cái Base của uy lực tự nhiên mà ta có thể dễ dàng nhìn thấy nhưng không thể dự đoán trước được để kiểm soát. Uy lực này có thể ví như Tôn Ngộ Không với 72 phép thần thông còn thiên-nhiên thì như lòng bàn tay của Đức Phật vậy.
Jul 21 2013 03:29 GMT gtc126
Look out down below!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!