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"the gods had gone away,
and the ritual of the religion continued senselessly, uselessly."
~ Ray Bradbury ~

1. I seem to have another idol of literature - having been stuck with this cute writer going from one nice surprise to another, and he wrote all these cool thoughts in the early '50, wow!

2. Any sensible writers i have read sounded very much like Faulkner's Fury in Sound, and it must be so in this crazy world where we are living - i myself sometimes sound like a mad one too, and it's the price of being too sensible in love, the love we feel for this life.

3. On the most sensitive subject, religion, i believe it exists like... literature, just to decorate life. We can debate over many subjects under a certain decoration and feel very alive with the doing, then we come home and real-life reappears with all its vulgarity we detest - but never can get rid of. That's it. We don't give speeches at home or in bedroom with our spouses, right? That is fatal, the real-life versus parliament.

4. And so religion is like law. Many know of law but that doesn't mean the law is kept, and not keeping law doesn't mean there's no law. That's it. That's life, the life great writers always feel furious about.
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 30 2005 11:26 GMT porph
some 50 years ago, every house in the south of the country use this big vase to store water for daily using, which taken from near river or pond... or from rain.
Jul 30 2005 12:24 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Really nice photos!

Welcome to Fotothing!
Aug 02 2005 04:20 GMT menguele
Aug 02 2005 04:32 GMT porph
Thank you,
It's really nice of you and the greeting!
Aug 02 2005 10:20 GMT naxri
Great light and colours...
Aug 02 2005 10:48 GMT TB
Nice photo. Very pleasing to the eye.