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"Like an Aeolian harp that wakes
No certain air, but overtakes
Far thought with music that it makes:
Such seem'd the whisper at my side..." ~ Alfred Tennyson ~
"A means can be justified only by its end. But the end in its turn needs to be justified." ~ Leon Trotsky ~
a. *In this case let Life do both the justify and the end, that's definitely where I try to earn access.
b. *You can say as books say only After you can do as books tell, that is the surest way to justify or be justified.
c. *Can any losers do the justifying of a winner? That's ridiculous.

*Whatever my aim is it's not for the world to know, what for?
-It is for God to know (of my vital-attempt in living), and whatever it is you should agree with me that the Entity never fails.

*What use if such person ended up with the help of a poisonous snake to finish all that golden strokes, Will? Anyway wasn't that beauty the end of two great men? Glory most of the time is just to test.

*Normally we all are as innocent as a white paper sheet, and it's the job of Nature only, the day before you came m'ame!

**************************** (Pic: Embark)
“đêm nay ta nhớ họ trần dương
xách cái chai đi lạc giữa đường”

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Aug 07 2013 19:54 GMT wijnie58
Aug 08 2013 05:27 GMT sini
Lovely sunflower!:)
Aug 09 2013 04:19 GMT gtc126
Fantastic Lighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!