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a red roof

Aug 20th 2015
"And what, you ask, does wr...


a red roof

Aug 20th 2015
"And what, you ask, does writing teach us?
First and foremost, it reminds us that we are alive and that
it is a gift, and a privilege, not a right.
We must earn life once it has been awarded us."
~ Ray Bradbury ~
(Zen in the Art of Writing - 1990)


"Our discovery fills a gap — we found out that such a modern-looking hand is at least 1.85 million years old." (NBC News)

You know, whenever i see something big (in shape or in sum like this)
I always feel a huge doubt bloom in me. Why, i never think us human
worthy of anything Big. I'm sorry, but this is obviously just a Feeling.

The biggest we ever had is our Ancestry who give us the Notion of God,
along with the human Dignity, of which i believe us in our time fail both, right?

I'm sorry again but this obviously just a personal believing
and i wish with all my huge heart that it's not true, amen.

~ What We Are Reading ~ NY Times ~
"What journalists from The New York Times
recommend reading from around the web..."

Matter isn't what we are reading, or even if we read
Matter is whether we got the personal judgment to work with our reading.
That, nothing can give you but Time, and a bit compassion (on things).
By speaking of "compassion", just go ask the Dalai Lama if i am wrong...
"Let us not deceive ourselves:
we must elect world peace or world destruction." ~ Bernard Baruch ~
I believe behind the Atomic black-portent is the greatest Challenge for human mind and conscience. The mind is for using it with the rightest right (without being burnt by it) and the conscience is for the confession that we are using it all wrong so far, from Hiroshima to Tianjin. Agree Baruch?
You know, Mencken, to have that intelligent laugh i believe one must primarily get a greatest intention to go along with the cause (whatsoever), why, because it's not only more effective but also more interesting to please the Moderator. Guess who? Kakaka...
"The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents." ~ H. P. Lovecraft ~
Does this remind you of the wondering why the fruit of Knowledge interdicted to our first ancestors? We as human (never changed a bit since) is still far from that necessary ability of Eating it without becoming sick, yeah, it's simple so with all of us (spoilful) Eaters, errhehehe...
~ Ca Dao Phay ~
"ăn no nghĩ tới ăn nằm
nằm xong nghĩ tới chơi khăm kiếm tiền"
---> ah, i think so i survive, zat zit...

"Sự thanh thản chỉ có ở người vô tâm."
(theo Internet VN)
-bước 1 -> có Tâm
-bước 2 -> có Tâm thoáng đãng mây chời
-bước 3 -> thanh thản đấy
Errhehehe... tiệt-chiêu lun!
a. chưa có được thì hay Ghen phải huômm?
b. hoặc là Ghen, hoặc là Xi-nghĩ chưa tới, muốn cái nào?
hèhèhè... (con rành mấy Mẹ sáu-câu lun nhé;)
c. Ghen, thì nên theo đạo Phật cho Chừa bớt
Xi-nghĩ chưa tới, thì nên theo đạo Khỗng cho Sáng ra
Chỉ vậy thôi mà cũng "bèo", làm không xong thì ở nhà nuôi Gà
tốt hơn là Ló cái máu-me ra đường bêu cha bêu mẹ nhéhéhé...
là mắc tội Đại-nghịch đấy,
điều răn thứ Tư của Đức Chúa GiỜi đấy, biết Ổng không?
Ghê lắm đấy, đập cho một phát thôi mà thành Bình-Địa là còn May đấy
(đừng giỡn mặt nhen)
Freedom, as the rarest gift, is not toy to play with.
It's rather like a many-blade-knife
-> be careful in playing with Knife
this is the simplest logic kids in my time were taught
so now I pass it to you, stupid adults of the world, hehe...
And now, step two,
Knowledge that leads to such Logic is a Gift too,
simply means Cost-Free and Not So Rare
(so i just play with it and feel very much At Ease)
~ On Jared Fogle ~
Why you make your Dick become like Karma, man?
How many more Mara that young to teach you of the lesson?
Yeah, Spit, or Be Spat, that's all.
We can do nothing about such field, it's there since time,
but we can do anything about our attitude into it, no?
Unless You Have None - in this case the Tide will carry you
and you have no right, I mean force, to go against it
all you can do is to live all depending on its Mercy
and, if you ask me, it's the Worst of all living ways.
~ On Antiquity Expert Execution ~
I sort of like to think of this weird catastrophe which happens lately this way: that they know they aren't worth it (things that they destroy) and so, as long as these good-things exist the Shame that bites them off still exists and so the (subconscious) need of put-them-down is born.
This is the scientific side. How about the spiritual one?
That to be in balance, when we produce something new into the world there must be something old but of the same Size to disappear (to give space) - unless the new thing is incompatible with our present worth (bigger or smaller).
Ah, but this look is as well all the same with Archimedes' famous experiment when stones are put into a full glass of water that the sum of water overflown is Equal to the sum of stones put in, akaka... ~ eureka ~ !!!!
So, which of the two we seem to be worth of, for the sake of compatibility,
and to make any prediction on the future?
This turns out to be the Moral side of the Look, and whenever morality is involved it's always hard to say. Ever wondered why?
-cái gì kinh-khủng-khiếp hơn tự xây Karma cho mình mà Không Hay?
-gọi nó là thành công trong đời
-tới chừng nào mới Hay?
-tới khi phát tác lỡ lói nhễu nhảo như Cùi cấp 3 đi đâu thúi-rùm đó bị người ta lấy Chổi-chà xua đuổi rồi đốt phong-long xã xui giãi hạn tùm lum ấy...

Who's the First Person in History Whose Name We Know?
~ by Curiously Krulwich ~ (National Geographic)

Assuming that Kushim is the first recorded name in history left by an accountant "who can write" - ah, please note that fact - so he must be in some high-role at the time, born by a high-class (intellect) family (to afford writing) with that rich owner of barley be very likely his own father, or maybe like Joseph's case being from a slaved prisoner to a (first aide) assistant for the King (because he can explain his dream)... ah, what I mean is it very potential for all possible branches of imagination from us now, and it's very interesting at that.
But what important here to me is the role of intellect via the writing. It's what impresses me. It's definitely a great need, if not the greatest of all, without which the very question in the title may never have been solved, the name of the first person been recorded. And, isn't it so beautifully Fair with the person recording it down by himself and for himself (not for us by anyway or even for "history" as we may value now) as a Privilege no one else, even the barley owner, had, the way only Joseph can do with the King's problem? To him, able to write down his own name, Kushim or not, must be a unique Joy then.

~ On Kos ~
-No, to live on international sympathy is not proper, if not not right.
You know why? Because every nation got its own problem to solve - and to my simple logic, you have to be done with all the homeworks before you go to do that for the next sitting guy (in class), no?

-And unless it's your own father,
no one wanna take you in as another mouth to feed, right honey?

-The USA in the 1800-1900 invited everyone (poor and sick and tired etc...) because the land then in desperate need of citizens to develop (with negro slaves weren't enough for the job). Now immigrants granted the green-card there isn't that piece of cake No More, see?

~ Last Statement on FB ~
Writing to me is more than a hobby, it's like breathing.
We don't breathe for pleasure but for a need we don't often realize,
and we don't breathe to perform but to live.
I feel very healthy with my writing, the way no physical subjects can give, but what even more is i can feel happy while writing in a sort of contact that's unable to explain. I believe it's a totally new experience that I might have already been addicted to, hehe...
~ THANKs ALL ~ ;>).

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Jan 15 2008 09:13 GMT Peixy
a wonderful house!
Jan 15 2008 12:28 GMT porph
Thank you for all your nice comments, Peixy. All these pix were cropped up from old ones full of folks... I don't go out much.