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shiasm hussain is humanity terrorism


Shiasm Up Close

the blood of our forefathers
from every face flows
1400 years
our pain grows
a chapter
that shall
never ever close
blood like melting ice
our ancestry of pain shows
we bleed
to remind the world
of a spiritual terrorism
on the soul of humanity
as Moharam
the whole world knows
save those
lovers of Mauwiyah
lovers of Yazid
behind close doors
the Lion of Karbala
on the banks
of the Euphrates
lets out a roar
Hussain is Humanity
a thought implores
the standard of Hussainiyat
on all hearts soars
puritanical poison
as Yazidiyat ignores
the Beauty of Islam
Hussain restores

Shiasm Up Close
A path of Truth
that we chose
through our blood
a conspiracy of hate
expose ..
Allah Ho Akbar
scriptured silence
of all our foes
read this as a poem
or read it as prose
testament and will
of men in black clothes

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